6 reasons a course could be the next best step to grow your business

Are you wondering if a course is the next best step for you? In this blog, we'll be sharing how to know if now is the perfect time to consider it.

Launching courses has become such a popular way for social media managers to help more people and boost their income.

Our own course, The Ads Manager Academy, has helped over 250 freelancers to increase their knowledge and confidence around Facebook ads. And since launching it in 2019, we’ve learned a lot about selling and hosting courses and today we’re going to share with you some of the reasons that a course might be the best next step for you too.

You want to boost your income.

This is the most obvious reason that people consider adding courses to their business.

When you're working with 1:1 clients, there can often be a ceiling on the income you can achieve without growing a team or scaling to host an ongoing membership. But not everyone wants a long-term commitment like that.

And, done well, a course can provide the much-needed boost that comes from helping a lot of people over a shorter period of time.

You want some variety

We've been social media managers, we know what it's like in the trenches and we know if can start to become monotonous if you don't have variety in your work.

Selling a course can certainly add some variety to your work when you switch from being the doer to the teacher.

TOP TIP: If you're considering a course we recommend selling it before you create it.

You're struggling with time

This might seem counterintuitive but if you are struggling with time and can't fit in any more long-term clients, but need to maintain or increase your income then a course is a great solution and can be something that sells in the background after some initial work.

People are asking you for it

If people are already asking you to teach them more about your area of work then that's your green light.

But look out for softer cues too as they might not be asking you specifically for a course and instead signaling that they need more from you by booking your 1:1 training, or dropping into your DMs to ‘pick your brains'.

Your audience is ready to buy

You don't need to have a massive list, or a blue tick to successfully launch a course but if you do have an audience, and they're engaged and ready to buy from you then a course could bet the perfect thing to sell to them.

Start out with some audience research to ensure you're selling what they want, rather than what you want to teach.

72% of organisations believe that e-learning helps them increase their competitive edge by giving them opportunity to keep up with the changes. Source: shiftelearning.com

Online learning is growing

More and more people are turning to online learning, for personal and business purposes. In fact, online learning has grown 900% since 2000 and it's not looking set to stop.

Your knowledge is in demand as social media is changing all the time and business owners struggle to know where to start, let alone how to keep on top of it.

Deciding to launch a course is a big decision. We don't recommend jumping in feet first, if you're unsure where to start then we'd highly recommend starting with growing your audience and finding out what they need from you.