A Social Media Managers Guide To Clubhouse App

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll have heard about a new app which is making waves in the social media sphere. Clubhouse App is a unique, live audio-based platform which currently requires an invite to join.

Luckily, we recently got invited so we've been taking a look around and in this article, we're going to tell you everything a social media manager needs to know about Clubhouse app.

What is Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse App is a fully audio platform where you can join ‘rooms' to listen and engage in live conversations.

Like most social media platforms, you can choose to follow people, and they can follow you back.

On first impression, it is a strange place where you are unsure which rooms you should join, or avoid. But after a few hours we found it to be quite addictive, and participated in some good conversations.

How it works

Firstly you'll need an invite as Clubhouse App is currently in beta and is invite-only. As a new user, you are given one invite to share once you join. From there on invites are given out based on your activity on the app, and the activity of those you invite.

Once in the app you can create your profile which, like most platforms consists of your name, username, bio and profile picture.

Your bio is important because the search function is currently based on all words in both your username and bio.

The general advice from key Clubhouse users right now is to have as much info in your bio as possible to ensure you attract the right people and get invited to speak on stages. People are using their bios to tell a pretty detailed story of their expertise and how they can contribute to conversations rather than just bullet points.

The first three lines (roughly 125 characters) of your bio are available to preview while in Rooms, which means those first lines are the most important words in your bio. 

You can also link to your Instagram & Twitter profiles, but you can't currently add any other clickable links.

New users to the Clubhouse app have a party hat emoji 🎉  which disappears after 7 days 

You can find people to follow using the search function, where you can search by any keywords.

Clubhouse app bio preview
Clubhouse app bio


You can create 4 kinds of ‘Rooms' inside the Clubhouse App:

1) Open Rooms allow anyone in the app can listen in.

2) Social Rooms are with people you follow.

3) Closed Rooms allow you to select the people who can join.

4) Club Rooms where you connect with people who are in a club.

To join a Room you can scroll through the ‘hallway' (aka newsfeed) and listen in to any open rooms, or you can be invited by a host or participant inside a room. Once in. Room you can ‘ping' someone to suggest they join.

Rooms are live audio only. There is no chat functionality and no replay. If you miss it you miss out.

To show appreciation speakers tap their microphones on and off, so if you see the mic icon flashing that's why!

Once inside a Room there are 3 areas:

The stage is the area where you see speakers. These are people who have microphone icons and can unmute themselves to speak. You can be on stage as a moderator (host) or as a guest by being invited by a moderator, or raising your hand to ask to join the stage.

The audience is made up of two further areas, followed by speakers and below you'll see others in the room.

Audience members can raise a hand to be invited onto the stage and once on stage you can mute or unmute to talk. If you leave a room you can return to the same place you left. Eg if you were on stage you’ll return to the stage when returning to the room. 

By asking questions and getting invited up on a stage to join in the conversation, more people will check out your profile and choose to follow you and connect with you elsewhere.

Pro tip: When you are invited onto the stage, it is best practice to mute yourself immediately until it is your time to speak.

Clubhouse app rooms
Clubhouse app stage area

Pro tip: You should always have min two moderators in a Room incase you have to drop out – for example if your phone rings. And there is a lot to be said for having a diverse moderator panel.

As with any social media platform, there will always be pros and cons. So here's our take on what is good about Clubhouse, and what's not.

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What's good about Clubhouse App?

The open conversation means that Clubhouse is a great way to be able to speak directly to people you would probably never pick up the phone to talk to (because who even does that these days!). And its a very good way to get on the radar of people you might not be able to easily connect with on other social platforms where their audiences are too big for you to stand out.

The exclusivity is a good thing about Clubhouse App right now – it's causing FOMO which means that people will be dying to join and get into your Room when you start one. 

Being audio-only is great as there's no need for any tech skills, no video needed, no special cameras, lighting or make-up!

The lack of replay means you don’t have to listen to your own voice and there is no editing to do. 

You can quickly create a Room and have a conversation about anything, which can lead to connections and collaborations you weren't expecting.

There is no content to create in advance, no images to select or lengthy captions to write. And no hashtags! 

You can also directly link out to Instagram and Twitter which can help grow your audiences.

What's not good about Clubhouse App?

It's currently only available on iOS so Andriod users you'll have to wait a little longer…. or change your phone!

There is no way to engage discreetly! You're going to need headphones if you want to sneakily be on this app while watching TV!

While audio is quick to create, it is a massive time suck when it comes to consuming. It needs concentration and you have to listen to parts of conversations you're not so interested in while waiting for others to speak. As it's live there's no way to speed up the audio or skip forwards or backwards.

And there’s no replay so if you miss it you miss out… forever!  Because it's like you can't pre-record, re-record or edit so you need to think before you speak and be intentional with the conversations you participate in.

There is no messaging function in the app currently so if you want to connect with someone your only option is to speak to them directly or connect with them on Twitter or Instagram.

Finally, bear in mind that you can only change your username and name or alias once. So you need to be very intentional about what name you choose when signing up.

How can social media managers monetise Clubhouse App?

Firstly, you might be pleased to hear that we don't see Clubhouse as a platform that a business can outsource to a social media manager. You show up as yourself, speak as yourself and people hear your voice. Which makes it pretty impossible to do on behalf of someone else.

But that doesn't mean there aren't ways to use Clubhouse to increase your income!

We've included a guide on some of the ways that social media managers can work with clients on the app in our FREE CLUBHOUSE COURSE.

Why should social media managers be on Clubhouse App?

There are a lot of reasons to want that exclusive invite and we think Clubhouse could prove very valuable for social media pros.

Networking on Clubhouse reminds us of in-person networking, but without the need to leave your house or put on make-up! Speaking to people with your actual voice has a very different feel and impact than email or DMs. And you can build connections on Clubhouse that you would never be able to build anywhere else.

Collaborations could come easily from the connections you are making inside Rooms and could lead to more introductions.

The learning opportunities look great. People are openly sharing their expertise, answering questions and offering valuable advice. Join the right Room and you could leave with a new idea or great nugget of advice.

You can get great feedback on your ideas by having open conversations in your Room.

People are already generating leads and winning clients on Clubhouse so once you get an invite get on there! And come and connect with us too! We are @lauramoore and @lauradavis on there.

Find out more about how you can make Clubhouse work for you in our FREE CLUBHOUSE COURSE.