We’re Laura Moore and Laura Davis, but you can call us The Two Lauras®.

We help ambitious social media professionals like you to build profitable businesses so that you can make more money and spend it on… whatever you want!

Between us we’ve wracked up more than 30 years of marketing experience and run multiple successful businesses.

But most importantly, we know how it feels to do what you do because – unlike other social media marketing experts – we still have our own social media clients and are out there walking the walk with you.

How it started…

Laura M's story…

Working in sales and marketing is in my blood – in fact, it’s been my career since I was 16 years old! 

When my son William was born with Cerebral Palsy in 2009, I was forced to reevaluate everything in my life.

So I set up a business that allowed me to work around hospital visits and give round-the-clock care.

Facebook became an invaluable way for me to connect with other parents and I used it to raise £20k to adapt our home.

I’m proud that, together with Laura, I’ve been able to build a business that fits around my family while supporting others do the same.

Laura D's story…

I’ve worked in social media marketing for more than a decade and have 15+ years experience in membership development. 

I’ve built two successful businesses using the power of social media and continue to work with private social media clients – so you can trust me to practice what I preach.

With three young children, a husband and a dog, family life is often manic, messy, mayhem! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Working with Laura means we do a job we love while working flexibility around our families. 

And I want the exact same for you.

How it’s going…

When we joined forces in 2019, our vision was simple – to provide social media freelancers with the resources we wish we’d had when we started out. 

Since then we’ve built an unstoppable online community of more than 20k social media professionals, created a 500+ strong membership of social media marketers and put together a wide range of invaluable tools and resources to help them grow their businesses.

And this is only just the start!

Where next?

Now we want to help YOU to shape the business of your dreams – whatever that means to you. 

Whether you long for a six-figure business and all the trappings or simply want to take Fridays off and pay for a week in the sun, anything is possible. 

We’re a practical, straight-talking pair and pride ourselves on being open, honest, and kind. We guarantee that any advice you get from us will be 100% BS and woo-woo free! 

Join us for the ride if you want to:

  • Find and win high-paying clients
  • Feel confident to charge a premium for your services 
  • Scale your business and earn money while you sleep
  • Keep on top of social media updates & trends
  • Market your own business as well as your clients

The same but different

Like Ant and Dec, people struggle to tell us apart! And which one of us owns the title of Laura #1 is a hotly contested issue. 

But, for now, here’s what you need to know…

Laura Moore (Laura #1)

Drinks: Diet Coke

Claim to fame: Has appeared on Loose Women

Fave platform: Facebook

Greatest achievement: Raising £20k to adapt her home for William

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate

Loves: Helping people create a business that gives them flexibility

Laura D on Laura M: Committed, modest, determined, focused, creative… a machine

Laura Davis (Laura #1) 

Drinks: Tea and gin (not together!)

Claim to fame: Has met Tinie Tempah (He’s famous…Google him!)

Fave platform: Instagram

Greatest achievement: £1.2m in lead sales for a Facebook Ad client

Guilty pleasure: Love Island

Loves: Helping people succeed. Seeing the wins

Laura M on Laura D: Tenacious, data-driven, determined, kind, caring… ideas generator

1200 +
Toolkits sold
500 +
Inner Hub members
20 k+
Online community
1200 +
Course and workshop attendees

“The Lauras have built an incredible community. It’s rare to see communities with this level of engagement, but given the fact both Laura 1&2 (I’ll let them decide which one is which) are wonderfully genuine people, with a wealth of social media knowledge, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise as to what they’ve achieved.”

Andy Lambert

“The Lauras are a force to be reckoned with! Honest, direct and hard-working they put 100% into everything they do! Not only do they know their stuff, they’ve created an amazing community for social media managers to feel guided and supported. They really care about what they do and their drive to offer the best experience for their members is at the heart of everything they do. If you are a freelance social media manager, the Inner Hub is a must!”

Teresa Heath-Wareing

“We're so in awe of The Two Lauras. They’ve managed to create a spectacular community that is as informative as it is supportive. Hands down, The Hub is the best and most engaged community we've ever seen. The more we get to know them, the more we admire their ambition, honesty and just down right good business strength.”

Andrew & Pete

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