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offering facebook ads to clients?

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All the tools you need to win, onboard and work with ads clients with ease… sound good?

We’re Laura and Laura .

We are certified freelance Facebook ads strategists and trainers. Our ads manager friends and students all ask us the same questions:

  • How do I get great clients?
  • What should I charge to manage a client's ads?
  • How do I look professional when pitching for, and working with clients?
  • How do I onboard an ads client?
  • How can I top up my bank balance?
Laura Moore & Laura Davis, co-founders of The Social Media Managers hub & creators of the social media managers toolkit.

You've worked hard to understand the intricacies of Facebook ads so you can offer them to clients so we decided to make life easier for you to do that. 

We've pulled together all the tools and resources you need to be an organised and professional Facebook ads pro.


Training & advice


Processes & Systems


customisable Templates 



It's not as simple as manifesting a client from no where. If it were there would be no need for business coaches and you'd all have successful agencies already.

  • Who to work with? – How do you find a good ads client and how much should you charge them?
  • Step by step system – We're giving you our complete system from finding a lead to onboarding them as a client.
  • Discovery call – copy the system we use for discovery calls.
  • Proposal template – Add key information, your own details, invoice terms, onboarding process and testimonials. Change the colours and fonts to match your brand.



Yay you've won a client.. now what!  The onboarding is essential if you want the relationship (and the ads) to work from the get go.

Take our complete onboarding system

  • Onboarding guidance – So you know exactly what to do, we've fine tuned this so you just need to put it into action.
  • Business review workbook– Gather all the crucial information you need to manage ads for your clients in this customisable workbook. Simply edit it to match your brand style and send over to your client. 
  • Trello board – The exact board we use to onboard, and work with our ads clients professionally.
  • Checklists and guides – which will ensure you've got everything you need to work with your clients.
How to start a business as a social media manager - screenshot

Lauras – love, love the ads toolkit – it’s amazeballs and has everything you need to get out there as a confident, kick-ass ads manager and hit the ground running – and more!

If you want to save yourself time, look professional and become the most organised you’ve even been, this is definitely what you need. With templates to cover every aspect of the work you’ll do for clients, checklists and ideas to grow your business, you’ll be on the way to winning in no time! Get it – you won’t regret it.

Rachel Fallon
Black Parrot Social 


Managing your clients

They're paying you well so you want to make sure you're giving them the best possible service and that includes looking as professional as you can.

  • Editable Audit Templates – We've designed this so you can use the full template for paid audits, or pull out key pages to schmooze a prospect with a free audit. Change the colours and fonts to match your brand.
  • Strategy workbook – Brainstorming ad campaigns is made easy with this printable workbook.
  • Tracking spreadsheet – One of the most asked question from our students was how to keep track of their campaigns. This simple spreadsheet is how we've done it over the years.
  • Reporting Template – Keep your clients in the loop with a professional looking report which outlines all the important stats. Change the colours and fonts to match your brand.
  • Testimonials and case studies – Attract even more great clients with this simple process for getting testimonials and presenting case studies.


diversify your offering to increase your income

Unless you want to build out an agency, there's only so many clients you can manage at a time. So how else can you diversify your offering and top up your bank balance?

Those are the kind of questions that people ask us all the time. So we are sharing the 3 key things we do to bring in additional income and giving you the resources to copy so you can offer them yourselves.

  • 1:1 Training – learn exactly how we carry out power hours and how we keep people coming back for more.
  • Online training  – discover the types of online training we offer and get your hands on our masterclass slides so you can host your own.
  • In person workshops – find out how we plan, promote and deliver in person workshops. And we're giving you the slides we use for this too!
The social media managers toolkit - screenshot

After focussing more on Ad clients, my work was going well but as usual the setting up clients, admin & reporting left me floundering. The Lauras have once again come to my rescue with the amazing Ads Managers Toolkit.

In less than an hour, I now have a succinct reporting template that I’d previously been trying to perfect for 6 months! It’s packed with a vast number of templates (lifesavers), tips and hints to make your work run smoothly and how to expand to run masterclasses and tutorials. And most of all, practical advice on how to grow your client base.

This has reenergised my enthusiasm to grow my own business.

All hail Laura Davis & Laura Moore.

Anna Jones
Copper Fox Social

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adding the pixel to a wordpress website

Beginner’s Guide To Getting The Pixel On Your Own (or your client's) WordPress Website – with Joe Purnell, from 1935 Design.

  • Video training
  • How to add the base pixel to the Divi theme
  • How to add the base pixel to other WordPress themes.
  • Installing event codes
The social media managers toolkit - review

access our ads swipe files to get ideas and inspiration

We call this our ads library and it's a popular resource with the students on our Facebook Ads course.  We could tell you this is worth £££ and while it's a really valuable resource you'll learn tons from, just like most swipe files it's just screen grabs  of the best ads we've seen all saved into a G drive.


I’m brand new to managing ads for clients - is this for me?

YES! The ads toolkit will turbo-charge your business as an ads manager, giving you the resources and confidence to find, and win clients that will pay you what you deserve.

I’ve been running Facebook ads for a while - is this for me?

Do you ever worry your customer-facing documents aren’t impressive or professional enough? Do you wonder how to set or raise your prices? Would you like to have more clients? Charge more? Offer a wider range of services? Yes? Then yes, the Ads Manager Toolkit is for you.

Does this pack contain everything I need to get started?

Yes… We’ve given you various templates including a client proposal, audit, business review and we are even giving you the slides we use in ads masterclasses and workshops.

How do the templates fit in with my business branding?
The templates are all built in Canva and are fully customisable so you can ensure they stay within your brand style. We’ve even included a short training video to help you to customise them.
What if I don't have any clients yet?

We’ve got you covered. The Ads Manager Toolkit gives you advice and ideas on how to get clients as an ads manager. And we even tell you the types of clients to avoid!

What if I already have clients?

Then you can refine your onboarding processes and look even more professional when you win new clients.

Do I have access to everything straight away?
Yes! You have access immediately and can get stuck in as soon as you are ready. But with 12 months access you can come back and access the resources at anytime.
Will this teach me how to use Facebook ads?

No. This is a toolkit designed to help new and experienced ads managers to work more efficiently. If you wish to learn about Facebook ads, check out our course.

Who is this toolkit designed for?

Anyone who provides ads management services to their clients.

How can I be sure the toolkit gives me what I need?
We want to make sure you get what you need so feel free to drop us an email to ask any questions before you buy. [email protected]