What No One Has Mentioned About The Power Of Reels

Instagram recently launched Reels, their rival to TikTok. The launch came on TikToks birthday which was obviously a big up yours from Zuck.

So far we already know that Instagram is prioritising Reels content over all other Instagram content types (stories, grid posts, IGTV) but what no one is yet harnessing is the power they hold for advertisers.

But hang on there are no ads in the Reels feed yet, we hear you cry. So how are they beneficial to advertisers?

Brands like Sephora currently have over 2million views on their Reels and Louis Vuitton have already had over 62 million views in total.

And brands like Mac, Benefit, TopShop & River Island have also jumped on the band wagon pretty quickly.

Why? Not just to get more eyes on their content – although thats an obvious benefit.

Here's the big news that no one is talking about yet, and it's something you need to know as a social media manager.

Facebook is allowing you to create retargeting audiences from people who have watched Reels.

Why is this important?

Currently there is no way to link out from Instagram via Reels. So the best way to maximise on their content is to retarget the people who have watched them with Facebook Ads (which obviously also show on Instagram).

Not only can you create Custom Audiences to retarget, you can also harness the power of a Lookalike audience and find more people just like your Reels watchers to serve your ads to.

And while Instagram is prioritising Reels, your Custom Audience is just going to keep growing and growing.

How to create a Custom Audience of Reels Viewers

Head to Facebook's Ads Manager to create Audiences. 

Create a custom audience using Facebook Sources and select Video.

You can then choose how much of the video you want them to have watched.

Keep in mind that as Reels are currently being pushed to a wide audience, they potentially might not be your ideal customers. So with a 15 second video you would be wise to retarget people who have watched a large percentage of your Reel.

Select by Instagram business profile. This will show you the videos from both your grid and Reels.

Finally select the Reels video(s) you wish to create a Custom Audience of and pull it into your Ad Set.

If your clients are keen to harness the power of Facebook Advertising they should certainly be investing time and resources into creating Reels.

Once Instagram rolls out advertising to the Reels feed, which they will, the advertising opportunities will be even more powerful.

If you are looking for help with your Facebook Advertising, head to the Meet The Social Pro directory.