Affiliate Info

Affiliate programme

What is it?

Everything a social media manager needs to find, win and onboard clients. Including templates, checklists, questionnaires and we've also included some mini-courses courses to help them grow their business.

Full details of what is included can be found here.

Who is it for?

Freelance social media managers, anywhere in the world.

Why would they buy it?

Over 800 social media managers already have – so thats 800 social media managers that are already ahead of them.

They lack the confidence to find, win and onboard clients. This will give them the confidence to position themselves as an expert and look professional to clients.

It's already proven to have helped hundreds of social media managers to secure new clients.

Price & commission rates

The price will be £499 and the affiliate rate will be 20% so the commission is around £83 per sale

Where can you promote this?

Anywhere you see fit, apart from our own social media channels and Facebook group!

Who are we?

We are known as The Two Lauras, we've built successful freelance businesses & fully understand what these freelance spcial media managers are going through. That's why we built the toolkit, to help them avoid the hurdles we faced.

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