Are you charging enough?

Are you charging enough for your social media services?

Setting your prices is SO tricky, it's always a fine balance trying to fit your fee perfectly in between being high enough to make a living and low enough to ensure you don't lose a potential client.

So what happens is that you usually end up under pricing and resenting the work (& client) entirely. That's no good!

But how can you decide whether your fee is right without asking every Tom, Dick & Sally what they're charging every time you have a proposal to write? And risking a virtual world war 3 when someone says you are making them sound expensive? It's so tricky!

Hi, We're the Lauras

We've been working in social media marketing for many years and know how tricky it can be to figure out a price for a potential client so we've created this pricing calculator to help you ensure you aren't under charging.

We are still in the trenches, working with clients every day as well as supporting hundreds of social media pros to build their own successful businesses.

Ready to try out our FREE pricing calculator?

Find out if you are under charging a price increase to ensure you are paid for the value you are bringing to your clients.

Discover if there is any wiggle room to increase your fee next time you are doing a client review.

Hopefully you've already got your pricing pretty much right compared to others in the industry, this will give you the confidence to know what you are doing is right.

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