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Only £58

The sale of your first audit is likely to more than cover the cost of this – and more!

Imagine having a simple service you can offer to businesses to help them get better results, while also getting to know you and start to see themselves working with you on a longer-term basis.

We'll let you into a secret… social media managers around the world are already using these templates with great results.

What's an Audit?

Think of it as a social media MOT.

Businesses might be getting down the road, but with a few tweaks, the engine could run even smoother to get them to their destination even quicker.

They get to know what's happening ‘under the hood' and what needs fixing while also getting to see how you work and how you can help them more.

Win, win situation!

The main reasons we love Audits…

Audits provide businesses with a quick win. They can get some validation about the things they're doing well, and some advice on things they could do better.

Audits are a great way for businesses to check if you're a good fit for each other without a big upfront investment or long term commitment.  

Audits make it clear to businesses that you are an expert who knows their stuff when it comes to social media marketing.  

Audits often lead to more work 🎉, whether its 1:1 training or help to make the changes and manage the platforms.

Eager to start offering audits right now?

We got you covered!

This is your chance to grab our 

Audit Template Bundle

  • Unique Social Media Audit and Instagram Shop Audit templates. Built in Canva so they can be fully-customised to your own brand style. 
  • Both templates use our unique traffic light system which guides clients through your findings and recommendations so they know exactly what to do next with you by their side.


  • Used by social media managers around the world, loved by their clients!

Ready to jump on our Audit bandwagon?


Edit this template to match your brand style.

Add your logo, photos and edit the copy to suit your tone.


Each page of the template guides you through exactly what to check and feedback on with space for your own notes.


Uniqure traffic light system makes it easy for your client to understand.


Covers all 4 primary platforms. 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter


Separate, unique Instagram Shop Audit helps businesses ensure they are strategically using the Shop feature.


Multiple use template can be used again and again.

Ready to win and wow clients with these awesome Audit templates?

Only £58

The sale of your first audit is likely to more than cover the cost of this – and more!

I’m not a social media manager, do I need this?

This template is for social media managers, but if you are need someone to audit your platforms please visit www.meetthesocialpro.com where you'll find some incredible social media pros from around the world.

I’m a pretty busy bee - how much time will this take?

These templates are designed to SAVE YOU TIME when working with clients.

Do you sell any other templates?

We have a whole range of templates for social media managers to win and work with clients. You'll find them inside The Social Media Managers Toolkit.

How will this fit in with my branding?

The template is built inside Canva so you can edit the colours and fonts to match your brand. You can also add logos and photos and change the copy to match your usual tone.

Once you have styled the template you can re-use it as many times as you wish.

You do not need Canva pro for this but it will make it easier for you if you wish to use brand fonts.

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