The Business Breakthrough Festival


28-30th June

Get clarity on your business goals, grow your confidence and have fun doing it.

For ambitious freelance social media marketers wanting confidence and clarity to take their business forwards in 2021.

Which one sounds the most like you?

2020was bad …but this year has floored me and now I’m ready to take back control and get clear on the vision for my business.

Everyone isdoing better than me …but I’m ready to tackle this head on and grow my confidence so I can also grow my business.

I knowI can do this…I just need to get out of my own way and set some clear goals for myself…


What if you could have a whole day working with us together ON your business?

What if you had access to experts who can help you grow your confidence in specific areas of your business?

What if all this was actually fun?


28-30th June

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The main event

Make It Happen Monday

We’ll be kicking off this event with a day working together ON your business. This day is a day of reflection and planning, goal setting and getting clear on your vision for your business.

But let's be clear – there is no woo woo here, we are all about taking action.

We will help you get the clarity you need to start building confidence in yourself and your business, so you don’t spend the next six months feeling around in the dark.

We’ll walk you through some key action steps to put together a plan to see you through the remainder of 2021 so you can stay focused on your goals.

You'll spend time defining the actual value of your time so that you can increase your income and feel confident to charge your worth – even when a client questions your fee.

And we'll help you to build out a ‘no-faff’ plan so you can spend your valuable time wisely and stay productive in the time you have available to you.

Plus, we will help you map out your social media content from now until Christmas – so you can show up, connect with your dream clients and build your business.

This is a unique opportunity to work with us for a whole day so we can help you build your confidence and your business.

our vision for you

You know the true value of your time.

You’ve got a plan to stay focused on your goals.

And you've mapped out your content until Christmas!

This is what make-it-happen monday is all about

confidence builders

Jen Gitomer

Selling with confidence

Stop spinning your wheels doing all the things and learn how to sell with confidence to boost your bank account and client impact in 2021. REAL TALK: Not grabbing ahold of the opportunities that come your way is costing you (AND your clients!). It's costing you connections, time, money, and So. Much. More. Seizing these opportunities begins with YOU – your mindset, your belief system and your selling skills.

In this session, Best-selling author, Jen Gitomer, will reveal the 3 secrets to selling with confidence and ease.

About Jen

Jennifer's mission is to help entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs, create time and financial freedom – to help them build a business that supports their dreams, rather than building their lives around their business.

Jennifer cracked the entrepreneurial success-code with her Freedom Formula, and she now teaches
these strategies in her Breakthrough Sales Coaching Program. She is also the creator of Supercharged Sales School and Magnetic Sales Membership.

Teresa Heath-Waring

How becoming a confident speaker
can build your business

Join Teresa for this session all about becoming a confident speaker and learn how speaking can help increase awareness and build your business.

You may not have ever thought about speaking before and you may not ever want to. However knowing how to present and speak even in smaller group settings is a really good skill to have in your business toolkit and the benefits to you and your business are huge! 

About Teresa

Teresa is an Award winning International speaker, TEDx speaker, trainer, podcaster, author and business owner. Teresa, works with businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers to help them enhance their digital marketing & social media efforts.

Andy Lambert

Understanding the
Metrics that Matter
How to create a confidence-inspiring content strategy

Social media ‘advice' is often filled with personal opinions, and as a result it can be disorientating to understand the right advice to follow. So, in this session, we're going talk through how we can use data to ensure our content strategy is rooted in factual evidence, rather than others' opinions.

We'll be covering:


Understanding the importance of 'Share of Voice'


How we maximize and measure the 'Reach' of our content


How to optimize engagement and track our Engagement Rate


Research and benchmarking ourselves against our competitors

About Andy

Over 10 years’ experience of creating markets, building profitable businesses and leadership roles in industry-leading SaaS organisations.

One of the Founding Team of ContentCal, a Social Media Marketing technology software, that since launching in January 2017 has grown to become the fastest-growing content marketing platform, used by over 40,000 business in 140 countries.

Joyann Boyce

The Confidence to be inclusive in your marketing

People want to see themselves reflected in the media, so being aware of the diversity within your target audience is essential. Companies today are being held accountable for their actions more so than ever before; therefore, inclusive marketing needs to be part of every strategy.

About Joyann

Joyann Boyce is a Social Media Consultant/ Founder of The Social Detail and the Co-Founder of The BME Collective. Through The Social Detail, she works with SMEs and technology companies to maximise their impact through social media. The Social Detail has worked with a range of organisations such as Bristol City Council, Black Girl Convention, SETsquared and Future Space. Joyann is an avid advocate for diversity and inclusion within marketing. She partnered with the SHIFT project to create diverse stock photography which was featured on the BBC.

Janine Cummings


Janine is a Video Marketing Coach and the Founder of Boss It Live who teaches women business owners how to confidently leverage live video on social media to help them increase visibility, build a strong, impactful and strategic brand presence that attracts more of their ideal clients.

Janine teaches simple but effective strategies through her 5-part video framework which significantly helps her clients to increase their confidence with video presentation, engagement and retention of video content, whilst teaching how to better connect with your audience and build a strong tribe of loyal super-fans through powerful story-telling.

Claire Grace

How To Go From Me To Team:
Outsource with Confidence & ease

In this session you’ll learn top tips for growing a team and delegating ‘all the things’ that are weighing down your to do list. Get clear on the when, who & how to outsource and the processes/systems that will help you to delegate with ease.

About Claire

Claire is an Online Business Manager & Business Strategist who works with Coaches & Consultants to help them to streamline, systemise and scale their business in alignment with their vision & goals. Claire’s team of Virtual Assistants provide admin, operations and marketing support so that together they can support clients with both strategy & implementation as one cohesive team.

Paul Ince

Supporting your social media with
confident use of other channels

Both B2B and B2C customers have similar patterns when it comes to their journey to the purchase point, but it isn’t as linear as you might think. It involves many trips, getting lost and sometimes having to stop for a wee.

As much as we all may love social media to help people along the way, it’s important to understand how other marketing channels help our customers get to where we want them to be.

In this session, we’ll look at the way customers meander, how we can shepherd them to to the required destination and how other types of marketing can be support your social media efforts.

About Paul

Paul Ince is a marketing strategist, host and emcee who believes that the people working within the business are best placed to talk about it. He helps organisations understand their voice and puts strategies in place to amplify it to their market. With 20 years’ experience he has supported many businesses to increase their visibility online and grow their business through digital technology.

He speaks frequently on the subject of how to improve the way businesses have conversations with their customers and clients via the world of digital, and occasionally analogue, marketing.

In addition to running his content marketing agency, LikeMind Media, Paul hosts MarketEd.Live in Nottingham every September, and co-hosts a podcast about the societies we live in, Humans Exhaust Me 

Imagine This

You have the confidence to tackle the challenges that previously held you back.

You’ve got more clarity on what success means to you, and how to achieve your goals.

And you wake up smiling each day because you’re excited to work in your business

It’s totally possible when you join the Business Breakthrough Festival

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make it happen monday to get clarity on your business, your goals and put some steps in place to reach them.

confidence builders six incredible masterclasses, hosted by guest experts, all focused on building your confidence in various areas of business.

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28th-30th June. A full schedule will be available to ticket holders.

The main event takes place with the two Lauras on 28th June from 9.30am BST.

Days 2 & 3 are bonus days with specially selected guest experts.

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This is a live (virtual) event.  We know from past experience that people who attend live, get results. So we would encourage you to attend live.

All sessions are being streamed into the pop-up group and replays will be available there until 30th June.

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