The Social Media Managers Brand Voice Guide Template


One of the trickiest parts of an effective social media strategy is nailing a client's tone of voice.

But when you know what to ask and have a clear document outlining all the essential information about a brand and the language they use to build relationships with their ideal client it makes it far easier… simple in fact.

We believe all businesses should have a brand voice guide that is referred to by anyone creating written content for them.

Download our 24-page Brand Voice Guide template today and get this essential piece of the strategy puzzle sorted.

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Essential for anyone working in social media.

Without a brand voice guide it's likely you're struggling to nail the client's tone of voice. So you might find clients are asking for revisions on posts or ads, and it's probably difficult to get traction on your content..

This BRAND VOICE GUIDE template is created by experienced social media professionals (us) for social media professionals (you).

So that you can easily gather all the information about a client's tone of voice for creating effective social media content.

Before we tell you about what this includes let's talk about who this is really for:


Experienced social media managers who want a more succinct and professional way to create a brand voice guide for their client's.

New social media managers who want to ensure they are getting all the detail they need to be able to represent their clients online and nail their tone of voice to connect with their ideal clients.

Social media coaches and trainers who want a way to help businesses create a brand voice guide for their team.

Ads managers who want to be able to craft compelling copy that accurately represents a brand while connecting with their ideal client.

Freelancers who offer other services such as engagement, blog creation, email marketing or content creation who want to ensure they are staying on brand for their clients.

If that sounds like you then keep reading to find out exactly our Brand Voice Guide will help you to help your clients to connect with their target audience.

The BRAND VOICE GUIDE Template will help you:


Understand your clients positioning

and where they sit in the market.

Get to grips with their brand values

so you can accurately represent them in their content

Accurately nail a clients tone of voice

so that their communication style is consistent.

Communicate effectively with a client's target audience

in a way that builds relationships.

Understand a brands internal language

and be able to communicate that in a way that doesn't confuse or overwhelm their target clients.

Be able to create copy in the brands natural voice

so that people feel like they are communicating directly with the brand.

Create a valuable document for the brand

which they can use time and again with all their team.

Get immediate access to:


Built in Canva so you can adapt to your own brand style if you wish. With space to upsell other services and add your contact details.

Only £49 £29

(Save 40%)




So you can create a visual brand style guide to ensure a consistent brand across all platforms. Built in Canva and suitable for use with all businesses, regardless of size.  This would be a great addition to your social media strategy,


Confidently create and deliver a BRAND VOICE GUIDE for your clients.

includes VAT 

You got questions? We've got answers

Why do I need this?
If you are creating written content for any clients this will help you to ensure your messaging is always on-brand, consistent and relatable. 

A brand voice guide helps you to represent a client in their own true tone of voice.

I’m not a social media manager, do I need this?
Yes and no!

This is for social media marketers to use with their clients. So if you aren't in this field you might be wise to work with a social media manager so they can create a Brand Voice Guide for your business.

I only offer coaching or strategy, do I need it?
Yes, this is the perfect add-on service. All businesses should have a Brand Voice Guide so you could offer training on how they can create this themselves or you can use this template and complete it with them during a 1:1 session or for them as part of a strategy.
I mainly manage Facebook Ads, Do I need this?

As an ads manager, you'll find this very useful for writing ad copy.

What do I actually get?

This is a 24-page document that you can adapt to your brand style on Canva.


This is a 1-page Canva template

Can I sell this?
You cannot sell the template no. But you can create a completed Brand Voice Guide for a client and charge for that service.

We are Laura Moore & Laura Davis – also known as The Two Lauras

Between us, we have over 18 years of experience in social media marketing, across multiple industries and one thing we know is that a consistent voice is essential for all businesses to succeed.

We also know that this is something many social media managers worry about so we've created this template to help you to confidently represent your clients online.

Don't just take our word for it…

Confidently create and deliver a Brand Voice Guide for your clients.

Only £49 £29

(Save 40%)

includes VAT 

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