Take a 30-day social media challenge

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We’re also talking about something that we do to really get to grips with how a platform works, discover what content works and how we can get better results there. The best way to get to learn how a social media platform works is to go all-in and use it consistently. That’s why were are … Read more

How to shift your mindset around selling on social media (and get more conversions for your clients)

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Now, more than ever before, social media marketers need to be able to show their clients a return on investment. This can be really hard if you’re mainly focused on building brand awareness or an engaged community on social media. And driving sales from social media can seem difficult because social media is not traditionally … Read more

How To Make Your Content More Accessible On Social Media

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Accessibility is not optional. And it doesn’t just mean ramps and wider doors! You should be doing everything possible to ensure that all your social media content is accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their individual needs. If you work as a social media marketer, this is your responsibility. In this article, … Read more

What Is Google Analytics 4 (GA4) And How To Use It?

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Google says Google Analytics GA4 is the future of analytics. In this article, you’ll learn what social media marketers need to know about GA4. What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a website analytics tool that helps website owners and marketers to analyse website traffic.  It provides a thorough picture of your (or your client’s) … Read more

How To Find Clients In A Facebook Group

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Facebook groups are a great place to find clients as a freelance social media manager. But doing so without being spammy can be tricky. However, with some pre-planning and consideration, there are some easy ways you can get clients without annoying other members or being kicked out by the Facebook group owner.  In fact, by … Read more

What You Need To Know About Marketing On Instagram In 2022

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If you’ve been hanging out on Instagram lately, you’ll have found it impossible to ignore the masses kicking off and complaining about how it works these days. People are mad because they believe Instagram’s changes are why they can’t get the same results with their content as they did a few years ago. Photographers, influencers, … Read more

7 Instagram Reel Ideas For Product-Based Businesses

With Instagram prioritising video and moving all video content to the Reels feed, it’s crucial to include video in your Instagram strategy. But creating videos on behalf of clients can be tricky for freelance social media managers, particularly if your client isn’t nearby. So can you use video to promote your client’s products when they … Read more