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new for 2022!

The must-have psychology-driven social media programme that will change the way you market your business forever.

Imagine if…

Every time you posted on social media, your ideal customers were queuing up to work with you – to book your services or buy your stuff

You knew exactly how to create content that pushed your customers' buttons and made them comment, click, shop or share – EVERY time

You could spend LESS time on social media but get BETTER results (because you know what works and algorithm hacks are so last year)

Well, now you can!

Welcome to social prf, the LIVE social media marketing programme that teaches you the EIGHT essential psychological triggers you should be using on social media every time you post.

In this 6-week course, you’ll learn how to tap into the powerful human response triggers that make people take the exact actions you want them to on social media.

The result? Content that matters. Content that connects. Content that makes you money on ANY platform.

Which of these apply to you right now?

Your social media isn’t working but you can’t figure out why!

You go round and round in circles worrying about what to post on social media?

You spend hours working on a piece of content? Then – just as you’re about to hit post – you lose your nerve and hit delete instead.

You follow all the ‘rules’, and algorithm ‘hacks’ (You know the ones – post at 6.06am on Tuesday / use 9.35 hashtags / comment on five posts either side of publishing) and still get nothing in return.

You haven’t got a social media strategy / don’t know who your ideal client is / and have no idea how to run a kick-ass conversion campaign on social media. Tick ✔ Tick ✔ Tick ✔

Exhausting, right? 😫 Then it’s time to do things differently.

social prf is a unique, psychology-driven social media marketing programme that takes your marketing skills to the next level.

It teaches you the EIGHT essential psychological triggers that will spur your dream customers into action and get real results – more comments, clicks, DMs and sales.

The course is fantastic! There’s definitely been a gap in people teaching the psychology side of social media marketing. I feel like a fully rounded marketer knowing this stuff.

Claire Newman

Have Your Cake Marketing

Whether you’re promoting your business on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – or any of the other major players – you’ll be able to harness the power of psychology to transform your social content and become an outstanding marketer.

But let’s be clear. social prf isn’t another lame course that teaches you the best days to post, which hashtags to use or how to use a bunch of algorithm hacks – because you can get that information anywhere.

Instead, over the course of 6-weeks, you’ll discover how to:


your content seen by more of the right people and get them to take the action you want


with your audience on a deeper level so that they always choose you over your competitors


products and services (without getting the ick) using our tried and tested 3-P Content Framework™ and brilliant Conversion Campaign Launch Plans

And all by implementing the EIGHT essential psychological marketing triggers that

no one else is telling you about.


Social media gets noisier by the day – and cutting through that noise feels harder and harder.

Until that is, you realise you don’t need thousands of followers to grow your business online. You need the right followers and you need to communicate with them on a deeper level.

You see, psychology plays a major role in how humans behave on social media. 

And the best marketers know what makes scrollers stop, engage, click and buy. They then use this knowledge to design social media content that achieves their business goals. 

And yet, to this day, most ‘marketing gurus’ still leave this vital ingredient out of their expensive training courses. They don’t give you the whole picture – part of the puzzle will always be missing.

social prf is here to fill those gaps.

It’s time to give your social media followers the content they deserve.

Just like these past students:

Claire's engagement increased by 24%

and Victoria grew her audience by 30%

social prf
 is perfect for…

social media managers.

Discover how to attract new clients then bowl them over with your knowledge and skills.

marketing pros.

Transform the company’s socials from ‘meh’ to ‘YEAH.’ Hello pay rise!

VAs &
business owners.

Start attracting new leads and sales with purposeful content that gets results.

Get results or your money back


* To apply for a refund please contact us here with your stats and supporting evidence within 35 days.

You love the sound of social prf, but you’re thinking… ‘What if it doesn’t work for me? What if I don’t get results?’

We understand because we’ve had the exact same worries before investing in ourselves too. And that’s why we’re prepared to shoulder the risk for you.

We’re so confident you’ll transform your social media content – getting more reach, clicks, comments and customers – that, if you don’t see results after 30 days of continuous posting – we’ll give you your money back.  

We want you to have complete peace of mind

We want you to know that you’ll get results OR you’ll get your money back

We don’t want you to invest in another course that sits on your hard drive gathering dust. Because here’s something else we can guarantee – if those courses never see the light of day they can’t work!

All we ask is that you give the course your full commitment for 30 days and show us that you’ve completed all the tasks we set. 

So, if uncertainty is the only thing holding you back, you now know you can sign up risk-free. 

Get full access to all the week-by-week materials and bonuses and can see for yourself that it works. 

It’s this simple… get results or your money back.

The social programme you’ll want to shout about.

Ready to join us?

This is the course you didn’t know you needed! It’s the best course I’ve ever done and I’ve done plenty. It makes you see social media through a fresh pair of eyes and the insight is incredible. It’s making me rethink my entire social media strategy.

Emma Michaels

Social media strategist and trainer

How it works…



Watch the weekly on-demand lessons and learn the secrets of psychology-driven marketing



Put your newfound knowledge into action and start getting mind-blowing results from day one



Share your wins with our exclusive social prf community as you watch your insights explode

Get access to all this… 👇

  • 6 modules covering the EIGHT essential psychological triggers you need to use to get results on social media
  • 3 Live deep-dive lessons to really get to grips with 3 of the core principles of the programme
  • Access to our private social prf community and Searchable video hub
  • 2 x Conversion Campaign Launch Plans worth $2,000
  • More than 10 guides, checklists & templates including:
    • 79 CTA examples
    • 199 emotional trigger words
    • Daily content worksheet 
    • Social listening keyword template
    • Brand Voice guide
    • Daily testing checklist
    • The Irresistible Offer workbook 
    • The Objection Handling guide
    • The FOMO Fix Formula 
  • CHOOSE VIP access to get all of the above PLUS:
  • 3 x Q&A coaching calls – value $1,000
  • 3 x Content Review Calls – get actionable advice on YOUR content – value $1000
  • Bonuses (WORTH MORE THAN $2,280)…


When you sign up to social prf you don’t just get all the game-changing goodness of the 6 core training modules. Oh no. We’ve jam-packed this programme with everything you need to transform your socials and start seeing results straight away.

Including these 6 brilliant BONUSES worth more than $2,280!

#BONUS 1 Social Media Strategy Guide - VALUE $297

Paying a social pro to write your social media strategy would cost upwards of $3000. But now that money is yours to keep.

Because thanks to the FREE step-by-step Social Media Strategy Guide included in social prf, you can create your own industry-standard social media strategy from scratch.

The Social Media Strategy Guide works for ANY business and includes:

✔ Your social media goals
✔ Audience persona guide
✔ Brand voice
✔ Content strategy
✔ And much more…

#BONUS 2 Audience Persona Guide - VALUE $197

Audience personas play a crucial role in psychology-driven marketing because, whether you’re selling B2B or B2C, you’re always selling to actual human beings.

That’s why your audience persona needs to go beyond basic demographics – and the TV shows your ideal customer watches – and delve deep into why your products or service really matter to them.

The Audience Persona Guide in social prf includes:

✔ Where to get your audience persona data
✔ 149 sample questions you should be asking your people
✔ A step-by-step guide to create a social media empathy map
✔ A social media empathy map template

#BONUS 3 Prescribe-A-Post - VALUE $297

It’s soooo frustrating when you can’t figure out why a post hasn’t worked.

But not anymore. Our unique Prescribe-A-Post tool not only helps you to diagnose what went wrong with your post – it gives you practical solutions to make future posts better.

#BONUS 4 The 3-P Content Framework™ - VALUE $297

Are you still bashing out content using the outdated ‘content pillar’ system? STOP!

Content pillars are old school. It’s time to shake things up with a fresh new approach. Say hello to the 3-P Content Framework™.

How the 3-P Content Framework™ works:

✔ Discover the ONLY three types of content you’ll ever need
✔ Get access to a bank of 48 ‘plug-in and play’ post templates
✔ Let customers know who you are and how they can buy from you
✔ Build trust and win more business

#BONUS 5 6-week Launch Accelerator - VALUE $1000

When you sign up for social prf, we support you all the way.

That’s why, as well as giving you the blueprints to draft and execute a 4-week or 3-day launch campaign, we'll be giving you the chance to opt-in to an additional 6 weeks, post-programme, accelerator while you plan and execute your launch.

Each week you'll get a reminder about the important things you should be focused on to ensure your launch goes to plan.

#BONUS 6 Post-Launch Analysis Template - value $197

One of the most crucial steps post-launch is the debrief. This is the time to analyse what worked and uncover where you can do better next time.

We’re helping you do this with a strategic Post-Launch Analysis Template.

Charge more for your services.

Ready to join us?

social PRF has completely changed my approach to why and how I create content for social media. It’s taught me a more ‘human’ way to show up and engage with other users. It’s the first online course I’ve taken where I’ve been actively encouraged to implement as I go. A huge plus for someone like me who has been known to binge an entire course and then never put what I’ve learnt into practice.

I’m so confident that what I’ve learnt from the Two Lauras will deliver incredible results for all my clients I’ll be doubling my prices from 1 May 2022.

Victoria Rose

Social media marketer

Don't just take our word for it.

This is what our students are saying

WOW! This course is jam-packed full of information, tips, and tools that will help you grow your business and create authentic relationships with your audience. The accountability whilst completing this course was extremely helpful and helped me realise how much I've been putting my clients needs before my own business.

Ultimately, everything I have learned in this course, will help both my business and my client's businesses grow and I cannot wait to be able to put it all into action.

Siobhan Wilson

Social prf Student

This course is absolute gold. It strips back all of the layers of confusing and contradictory ‘best practices' you pick up over time so that you can be laser-focused on just doing what works.

I am so glad that I signed up for Social PRF – not only will it continue to help me with my own marketing, but my clients will definitely benefit from the knowledge I've gained.

Samantha Dawkins

Social prf Student

I've done a lot of social media and digital marketing training over the years, some of it has been great, some not so good. But, social prf is simply amazing!

It's the missing piece whether you're a social media manager, content marketer or even an influencer. They are teaching the good stuff, the gold, that no-one else is covering: the psychology of social media and why audiences react the way do and how you as a marketer can positively and organically influence their decisions. It's the best social media course I've done by far!

Claire Newman

Social prf Student

How much does it cost?

We know how sales pages work. You scroll and scroll (…and scroll) looking for the price. In fact, you’re probably doing that right now.

But, before we get to the investment, let us ask you this… How much would it be worth to your business to grow your social media following? To have a steady stream of leads and sales landing in your inbox? To finally shake off the imposter syndrome that’s been holding you back? We’re guessing a lot.

More for your money

In total, social prf is worth more than $5,000 – the bonuses alone top $2,280 – and we know it’s worth every penny. But you’re not going to pay anything like that amount.

You see, we want to get social prf into the hands of as many business owners as we can before the doors close at 23:59 on 24/03/2022. And that’s why you can secure your spot for just $399* today.

<- scroll side to side! ->

social prf PREMIUM social prf  PREMIUM VIP
6 core training modules 
Private social prf community access
Searchable video hub
10+ guides, checklists & templates
3 live deep-dive lessons
BONUS Social media strategy guide (value $297)
BONUS Audience persona guide (value $197)
BONUS Prescribe-a-post™ (value $297)
BONUS 3-P Content Framework™ (value $297)
BONUS The 6-week Launch Accelerator Plan (value $1000)
BONUS Post-Launch Analysis Template (value $197)
3 x VIP Q&A calls
3 x VIP content review calls


3x monthly instalments of $399*


Go VIP & get added benefits $1,497


… or, click here to pay in full and save $200

Watch your engagement explode 🚀

social prf is the best investment. I’m learning so much and it’s making me really dig deep into my own, and my clients', content to make it the best it can be. After just two modules I’ve already seen a great increase in my own insights and engagement and my head is spinning with new ideas.

Beccy McEvoy

Be Heard Socials

By the end of the social prf programme you will:

  • Understand how to get the results you want from your social media content
  • Finally ‘get’ why things haven’t worked before and know how to fix them in future
  • Know what motivates people to engage online – and use this to grow your business
  • Get brilliant results on ANY platform even when everyone else is blaming the algorithm or moaning about ‘low engagement.’

    Post with confidence and purpose (bye-bye imposter syndrome, hello s*hit hot content)


    Meet The Two Lauras

    Hi, we’re Laura Davis and Laura Moore – better known as The Two Lauras.

    Between us, we have more than 18 years’ social media experience and know first-hand the incredible impact psychology-led marketing can have on growing a business.

    But we were amazed to discover that most people – even seasoned social media marketers – don’t know this stuff. Why? Because no one else is teaching it.

    And that’s why we’ve created social prf – the first psychology-driven social media marketing course of its kind.

    This course won’t just make you better at posting social media, it will change the way you market your business forever.

    “The Two Lauras are two seriously knowledgeable ladies when it comes to social media! The course is absolutely packed with gold nuggets and Aha moments and I would 100% recommend it to anyone.” Anneka Rubin

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you have questions so we’ve answered as many as we can here. If there’s something else you’d like to know before enrolling, email us at [email protected].

    I’m a busy social media manager, do I REALLY need this course?

    If what you’re thinking is ‘I’ve been doing social media for ages and have done a tonne of courses… what else is there to know?’ then yes, social prf is for you. Why?

    Because social prf isn’t like the courses you’ve done before (sorry, we know they cost you a lot of time and money). social prf is different because it actually teaches how to use proven psychological principles – and a marketer’s mindset – to get trackable results including more messages, reach, likes, link clicks, saves, shares and sales.

    And, when you know how to get results despite the constant algorithm changes, you can charge a premium for your services.

    I work in-house managing the social media for a brand. Will this course help me?

    You want to impress the boss? Stand out in the business? Turn around the company’s lacklustre content? Yes? Then social prf will definitely help. 

    This unique social media programme will give you a fresh perspective on what your customers want and need from the business. Trust us, this stuff will blow your mind… and possibly earn you a pay rise.

    I’m a VA and sometimes help businesses with their social media. Is this course right for me?

    Absolutely. If you want to provide your clients with the best possible service – as well as understanding and improving your own socials – then social prf is the answer. 

    It doesn’t matter whether social media makes up a small proportion of your work – or a lot – what matters is that you apply the powerful psychological principles we teach to get results from day one.

    I run a business and manage my own social media accounts. How will this course help me?

    Running a business is tough. And you probably haven’t got a lot of time to spend on your socials, right? That’s exactly why you need social prf

    Because once you know the key principles of psychology-driven social media, you’ll create faster, purpose-driven content that gets the results you want. 

    social prf takes the guesswork out of creating content giving you back time and energy to invest elsewhere in your business. Plus, it’s broken into manageable bite-sized chunks so you can fit it around your busy day.

    My social channels are new. Will this course be too advanced for me?

    Nope! In fact, this is absolutely the best time to learn about psychology-driven content because the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll see results. Why wait?

    What can I expect when I enroll?

    When you sign up to social prf you’ll be taken through a quick and easy onboarding process and, straight off the bat, you’ll learn one of the most powerful psychological triggers to transform your socials. 

    You’ll begin posting every day for 30 days (trust us on this one) and you’ll get access to our exclusive social prf community.

    Do I really need to post to my own socials every day for 30 days? What if I don’t?

    Everything we teach in social prf is built around proven psychological triggers. We’re not here to waste your time and we won’t ask you to do anything we don’t 100% believe in. 

    So, yes, you do need to post every day for the first 30 days and, if you don’t, you won’t get the results we know you can achieve.

    If you’re not ready to commit to growing your business – and don’t want to post every day for 30 days – that’s cool, but it means this course isn’t right for you.

    Which social platforms does the course cover?

    The skills you learn during social prf are totally transferable. So, whether you market your business on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok or Twitter you’ll be able to build deeper connections with your followers and know how to sell to them with ease. 

    There are other loads of social media courses out there. Why should I do this one?

    You’re right, there are. But – and this is the crucial bit – no one else is teaching what we’re teaching. No one else is focused purely on the psychological side of social media marketing. And, putting it bluntly, nothing works unless you nail that bit. Do you really want to risk missing out?

    How long does each module take?

    Your time is valuable and that’s why we’ve created a programme that’s achievable no matter how busy you are. 

    Each module takes roughly one hour to complete. The video lessons are broken into short 5 – 15 minute sessions making them easy to fit into your day. You’ll have a week to implement your learnings and complete any tasks before the next module opens. And the best bit? You’ll start seeing results straight away. Yes! Really.

    What support will I get if I have a question or get stuck?

    As soon as you sign up to social prf you’ll get access to our exclusive members-only social prf community group. There you’ll be able to post questions and get support from us and your fellow cohort.

    If you think you’ll need more support during the course we suggest you sign up for the VIP package. VIP social prf includes 3 x Q&A coaching calls and fortnightly content review calls which means you get face to face support from us every week.

    Now isn't the right time for me to do this programme. When will you be running it again?

    Yes, social prf will be running again in the future but, there are no confirmed dates at the moment. Can we ask why now isn’t the right time for you and how you’ll know when the right time is? You see, the fact that you’re here, looking at this page shows us you know you have a problem and we’re confident we can help you with it. Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

    The price is in $ but I am not in USA - what currency will I be charged in?

    When you join the programme out you will be charged in USD. Your bank will convert the charge to your local currency at the time of checkout.

    There’s something else I’d like to ask before signing up. How do I get in touch?

    We want to make sure you have all the information you need before enrolling so you can email us at [email protected] with any questions.

    No more social anxiety

    social prf has made me get over myself and start posting consistently on social media. Before the course, I would overthink everything and often end up avoiding posting altogether. Now I know what I want each post to achieve I just get on with it. It’s taken away all the anxiety of social media.

    Kirstin Chaplin


    social prf starts on 28th March 2022
    Get access to all this… 👇
      • 6 modules covering the EIGHT essential psychological triggers you need to use to get results on social media
      • 3 Live deep-dive lessons to really get to grips with 3 of the core principles of the programme
      • Access to our private social prf community 
      • Searchable video hub
      • 2 x Conversion Campaign Launch Plans worth $2,000
      • 3 x Live Deep Dive Lessons
      • Bonuses (WORTH MORE THAN $2,280) inc.
        • Social media strategy guide – value $297
        • Audience persona guide – value $197
        • Prescribe-A-Post – value $297
        • The 3-P Content Framework™ – value $297
        • 6-week Launch Accelerator Plan value $1000
        • Post-Launch Analysis Template – value $197

      • More than 10 guides, checklists & templates including:
        • 79 CTA examples
        • 199 emotional trigger words
        • Daily content worksheet 
        • Social listening keyword template
        • Brand Voice guide
        • Daily testing checklist
        • The Irresistible Offer workbook 
        • The Objection Handling guide
        • The FOMO Fix Formula 
      • CHOOSE VIP access to get all of the above PLUS:
        • 3 x Q&A coaching calls – value $1,000
        • 3 x Content Review calls – value $1,000

      No more social anxiety

      social prf covers a huge element that is just forgotten about in other social media training. The psychology of marketing and how it applies is skimmed over in other courses. This is the piece that elevates you to a true marketer. The concepts are presented so simply that you can implement them straight away and the level of feedback is amazing.

      Ruth Lyons

      Ruth Lyons Creative

      You’ve scrolled this far but… you’re still not sure? 

      That’s OK, we understand. You’ve probably done a tonne of social media training and maybe you don’t need this course (but we doubt it).

      Look, we definitely don’t want you to waste your time or money on a course that’s not right for you. 

      And we want you to be 100% sure that you’re ready to pass up on this game-changing opportunity. So we’re going to spell it out.

      social prf is NOT for you if:

      • You’re happy doing what you're doing and getting the results you’re getting
      • You don’t want to deepen your knowledge of social media marketing and use it to win more clients or make more sales
      • You’re fine to keep rinsing those algorithm hacks in the hope that one day one of them will work
      • You don’t want to become a better marketer and get the edge over your competitors
      • You can’t commit to posting every day for 30 days – this bit really matters so if it’s not for you, we won’t take your money


      So now you have a choice. You can, of course, do nothing, click away and carry on stressing about your content and wondering why it’s not working.

      Or, you can join us on an exciting journey to deepen your knowledge, grow your confidence and transform the way market your business forever.

      We know which one we’d pick.

      hurry! doors close in…