The Content Bank

The quick and easy solution to creating compelling content for your social media business.


Over 150 content prompts based on our 3P Content Framework to help you map out your content.

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Do you always prioritize your clients socials above your own?

We get it… you're busy, right?

⚠️ harsh truth alert ⚠️
by not prioritising your own content strategy you could be losing leads without even realising.

The Content Bank gives you immediate access to over 150 content prompts so you can finally show up as the social media pro that you are.

This sound familiar?

You spend so much time working on your client's content yours always goes to the bottom of the pile… so you end up not posting enough.

You spend way too much time overthinking and never know what to post on your own socials… so you end up not posting at all.

It's easy to create content for clients, but when it comes to your own content you're stumped… so you end up not posting at all.


The Content Bank

Hundreds of content prompts to help you quickly create content for your social media business.

Get immediate access to:


Over 150 content prompts based on our 3P Content Framework to help you map out your content.

Delivered in a Trello board so you can easily edit and reuse the content prompts time and again… newsflash you don't need to keep creating from scratch!


50 Calls To Action

Over 50 Calls To Action (CTA) that you can add to any post.

If you find selling on social a bit ‘ickie', simply add one of these CTAs to your post to drive your audience to take action.


10 Canva post templates. and 10 story templates to make creating content even easier for you!

Use your Canva account to add your own brand colours and quickly edit each template to share your message.


Use these ideas to create Stories that position you well and drive engagement and sales.


There's no getting away from it, Reels are here to stay. These 20 ideas will help you quickly create video content that can be used on both Instagram Reels and TikTok.


Instagram guides are great evergreen content to have on your profile. These 5 ideas will help you collate your own content, and collaborate with others to create useful guides for your followers.

All of these content ideas can be used time and again in different formats to keep your audience engaged and inspired.

Created by social media pros for social media pros.

Just had a peek at the Content Bank, and was so inspired by it that I’ve already edited a template, written and posted on Instagram! And I’m getting conversation in the comments! I’ll know I’ll be referring to the content plan again and again.
Whether you’re sitting down to plan a months content or need a quick post when inspiration fails you, I highly recommend this for social media managers who need the motivation to do their own socials! Thanks, Laura’s you’ve done it again!
Lynda Pepper
The shoemaker always wears the worst shoes… It is so easy to neglect your own socials because you are so busy with your client's socials but the content bank is an invaluable resource that lets you create perfect content in minutes. As with everything The Two Lauras produce, it cuts out the waffle bringing you everything you need in one easy to digest and access platform.
Christina Larswen
Just managed to bash out a month's worth of Instagram posts in an hour! This is unheard of for me as I'm an overthinker. The post prompts and Canva templates stopped me from wondering if I should share my content and I've just let it flow according to the guides. Thank you!
Thuha Wright

I just opened the content prompts for social media managers and it literally has blown me away! I love the easy to follow format, and the prompts are just brilliant! As a social media manager sometimes it can be easy to feel “all contented out” when we spend so much time on other people’s social.

However, these content prompts put me right back in the game – they have definitely given me a load of inspiration for my own socials! Highly recommended, I will be referring to them over and over for sure.

Georgia Williams

One of the most time-consuming things about working in social media is coming up with content ideas! I don’t want to spend that time creating average inspirational quotes or bland content, I need inspiration that’s targeted at helping me grow my business. The content bank solves that… the ideas are clever and adaptable and cover posts, reels, carousels, everything! You can fill your content pillars with the business-growing kind of content you need! Whether you’re in social media or paid social ads, get it, the bonuses alone are worth it.

Allison Christie

You might be wondering why we are making this. so affordable at just £27… so here's why…

The biggest excuse reason we hear from freelance social media managers as to why they are not showing up on their own socials, is that they don't know what to post!

But we KNOW that when they have a plan, and start showing up regularly they start winning more clients and increasing their income.

So, The Content Bank isn't designed to make us money, we just want to cover the costs of getting this into your hands so you can start showing up on social media to grow your business!

Only £47

Now: £27!

including VAT where applicable

You got questions? We've got answers

Why do I need this?

Even if you're at capacity with clients, as. a freelance social media manager you should still be prioritizing the marketing of your business because you never know when things could change.

The Content Bank helps to make that easier for you so that even if you are short on time, your own socials won't be neglected.

I’m not a social media manager, do I need this?


This has been created specifically for social media marketers.

I only offer coaching or strategy, do I need it?

Yes! This will help you reach more people to sell your services to.

I mainly manage Facebook Ads, Do I need this?


As an ads manager, you'll find this very useful to help you reach more people and win more clients.

What do I actually get?

A Trello board jam-packed full of over 200 content ideas.

Over 100 content prompts are based on our 3P framework. 

Tons of bonuses including:

50 calls to action to add to any post to compel your reader to take action.

25 Story ideas

20 Reel ideas

10 quick captions

5 Instagram guide ideas

5 Event/holiday post ideas

Canva templates for stories and posts.

What if its not right for me?

We do not offer any refunds on this product as you'll get immediate access. Please ensure it is right for you before buying.

We are Laura Moore & Laura Davis – also known as The Two Lauras

Between us, we have both grown highly successful businesses as freelance social media marketers, one thing we know for sure is that it's essential to show up regularly on your social channels to attract the right people and build trust so they want to work with you.

We also know that this is something many social media managers struggle with because of a lack of time and inspiration. But with The Content Bank, which contains hundreds of caption prompts based on our 3P framework, creating content doesn't have to be hard work at all.

We look forward to seeing you show up in our newsfeeds!

Only £47

Now: £27!

including VAT where applicable

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