The Content Kit

They can't hire you if they can't see you

The Content Kit is Everything you need to start being seen

“I don’t have time to post on my social”

“I’m too busy on my clients work”

“I don’t know what to post”

“I don’t know how to make graphics”

“I’m not very good at talking about myself”

“There’s just too much other stuff to think about”

Sound familiar?

When you started out as a social media manager you probably didn't realise quite how weird it would be writing content for yourself.

It can feel totally awkward telling the world how awesome you are. Putting yourself out there so people can decide whether to work with you or not.

As we enter into unknown territory you MUST have an online presence to maintain some income in the coming weeks and months and be on people's minds once things return to some sense of normality.

But there's so much to do.. social media posts, stories, blogs, eye-catching graphics and images… the list goes on and on. And your own content often gets put on the back burner because… well… you don't have anything to say on your own platforms anyway?

But the most successful social media managers are the ones who are visible on their own social media platforms all the time or consistently! And they are the ones who will ride this storm out with a client base to fall back on. After all, if a potential client can't see you, they can't hire you!

We want to see you smashing it so we've done all the hard work for you and are giving you everything you need to nail your own social media presence in


All the content ideas any savvy social media pro needs to be visible, show up as an expert & win clients.

Stop faffing.. start doing.

Stop spending valuable time thinking about what to say on your socials, and start actually saying it!

The content kit sets you up with all the ideas and knowledge you need to start sharing content that will speak to your ideal clients, turn them into die hard fans and position you as the expert they want to work with.


The Content Kit solves the most common problems social media managers have when it comes to showing up online:


How do I write a great bio & about page without sounding sleazy?

I need to use stories but have no idea how to make the most of all the features to connect with my ideal client and identify leads.

I can't think of anything to say on my Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn [delete as appropriate]


I know I need to use video but I don't know where to start.

I don't have any good photos for my content and Canva isn't helping.

Let's start with 30 Days of content for your socials

Ah that blank screen of dread.. where do you even start with posting on your own platforms? And even if you do manage to write something great today, what on earth are you going to talk about tomorrow? Or the next day?

We've sorted that for you so you no longer get imposter syndrome looking at everyone else smashing it on their socials while you're still making excuses as to why yours are dead.

“But I don't have time to do my own socials”

 you do now! The days of it taking you ages to create your own content are gone! 

You'll have a 30 day plan with something for you to post every day on any platform.

30 days of ideas specific to social media managers that will not only position you as an expert but will help build a tribe of loyal fans who will actually want to buy from you.

Stick it on your wall, shove it in your diary, save it to your home screen, whatever it takes.. just keep it handy so you'll always have something to say on your socials.

And the best bit.. you can use it every single month!

Create stories that Help You Stand out & get hired

Stories are continuing to grow and if you're not embracing them you're going to be left behind.

We're giving you the inside scoop on the 11 types of stories all savvy social media managers should be creating regularly. Plus ideas that work for each type of story.


Fully editable to match your own brand style and make your Instagram profile look incredible.




If its the confidence that's holding you back, or you just want some accountability then we've got you covered.

Our 5 step plan will give you the kick start you need to build your confidence to start being more visible.

We'll show up in your inbox every day for 5 days with advice and a daily task, and we'll be at the other end of an email if you want help during that time.

The best bit? Once you've got The Content Kit you can start the 5 step plan anytime you like!


We're sharing our best tips and hacks in 9 lessons to help you use Canva to create content which help you (and your clients) stand out on social media.

  • Tips to make Canva easier to use.
  • Ways to make stock images unique so you don't blend in with the crowds.
  • Tricks to make your designs look more professional.
  • All the info you need to make the most of Canva.
  • Plus hacks to bring your presentations to life for workshops and masterclasses.

We ❤️ Canva & use it for 99% of our content

So what exactly is in The Content Kit?


Tips to write a killer bio

Stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression on all your platforms so that any potential clients know they should choose you over all the other social pros out there.

30 Days of content planned out for you

No more worrying about what to post.

Use the no hassle 30 day plan to create great content that works on all your platforms.

Awesome story ideas

Always have live content so you stay visible to potential clients and can start to build that essential know, like and trust factor we all talk about so often.


The story highlights all social media pros should have on their profile

Learn which content you should be highlighting to your followers. And add these 3 story highlights to you profile.

IGTV ideas to make you stand out

Video is king (*cough* QUEEN *cough*) and these ideas can be used on all platforms, not just IGTV, to help you position yourself as the expert potential clients should come to when they need help.

Long form content ideas

Writing longer form articles for your audience means you’ll always have content you can repurpose. You can write these to host on your blog, use in LinkedIn articles or share elsewhere.

Canva training

Learn how to use Canva to make your content stand out for all the right reasons.

Tons of tricks and hacks you've probably never heard of will change the way you use Canva forever!

5 step plan

We know sometimes it's the confidence holding people back from showing up. Join the 5 step plan anytime you want and we'll show up in your inbox each day to help you grow your visibility and confidence.

“I’ve been using the Content Kit for the last 3 weeks and I’m super chuffed by the growth.

I’m still working hard to try and grow my IG account ( I launched end of January) – but there has definitely been a great improvement for me and I’ve still got a good few days left in 30 day content plan.

Compared with the same period the previous month (before using the Content Kit), I’m getting 3 x as many profile views, 4 x as many website clicks and my followers number is growing 3 x as quickly.”

Ruth Walmsley – First Person Narrative

Content Ideas

Days Of Content

Canva Trainings

5 Step Plan


There's so many apps and tools out there, it's hard to know which ones you really need as a social media manager.

So we're giving you our Trello board which outlines all our favourite tools.

Tools for scheduling, content creation, video, images and everything else all great social media pros need for their work

Plus we update it whenever we find something awesome you need to know about!

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Frequently asked questions

I don't have my own socials, do I really need to?

Yes! We think you do need to if you really want to be taken seriously in this industry. After all, would you hire a photographer without a portfolio, or work with a business coach who doesn't have their own business?

What do I get?

You'll get immediate access to training, videos and templates to help you create great content for your social media platforms. So you can show up as a true expert in social media marketing.

How much is it?

£99 plus VAT or included when you join The Inner Hub, our monthly membership exclusively for social media professionals.

Find out more about the membership here.

Do I need Canva Pro for the hacks?

Some of the tips we'll give you can only be done on the pro version, but we'll give you alternative (free) tools to use wherever we can.  

What is the free bonus?

We're giving you access to our Trello board with all our favourite tools, websites and apps.