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And we get it, a global pandemic makes it a difficult time to add additional expenses to your outgoings.

PRO TIP from The Lauras

We'd love to help you increase your income to help take the strain off, so here are 3 FREE resources to help.

1. Check your prices on our pricing calculator

2. Take a look at this guide so you are ready to deal with clients who question your price. Honestly, most don't but even before they do it is really easy to reduce your fees simply because of the worry that they might. Once you read this you'll know how to deal with those objections so you can confidently state your fee and be ready for any onjections if they do come.
Even if your prices are right, this is worth a read.

3. Have a look at this blog to discover how to generate some cash in your business right now.  We originally wrote this to help people buy the social media managers toolkit if they needed it, but the tips are relevant for generating cash at any stage in your business.