Eight Things Social Media Managers Should Do About Coronavirus

by | Mar 10, 2020

As a freelance social media manager you might be starting to have concerns and anxiety around the impact coronavirus will have on your business and your client’s.

COVID-19, aka Coronavirus is continuing to cause significant disruptions to more and more businesses around the world and we’ve already seen our own clients start to be impacted by this and it is likely that yours will too.

So here are 8 things you can do to help reduce the impact it has on your business, your stress levels and your income:

1. Schedule content.

If you are a parent, and schools do end up closing, you’ll be grateful of the time you’ve spent scheduling content now. We’d even suggest you pull a few late nights now to get ahead. It will be worth it when the kids are home, demanding your time.

2. Move online.

If you have workshops planned you might start to see people requesting refunds or not booking at all as the paranoia starts to put people off attending in person events.  If you are relying on this income you can still run the workshops, even if we are all put into lock down, you just need to move them online.

Consider moving your workshop to an online training session now, before the panic sets in. We recommend Zoom for online training and at only £11 for a month, it might be cheaper than the venue you had in mind anyway.

People stuck at home might be grateful of the opportunity to learn to pass the time, so you could end up with even more bookings than usual.

3. Talk to your clients.

If your clients are directly affected by this situation then you may have to prepare to be asked to reduce or even pause your work for them.

Laura D has two clients whose products are all sourced from China, which means stock is now limited. If it all sells out then she may be asked to scale back her work as the sales funnel won’t be needed.

This is totally understandable and of course we have contracts in place but in this unique situation we advise you work with your client, rather than fight it.

It’s not a good situation for anyone to be in but your clients will appreciate your co-operation as, let’s face it, no one really knows what to do for the best. And you want them to come back to you after this is over right?

Do your client provide services that could be directly impacted? Talk to them now so you know what their contingency plans are and can be prepared to put any work on hold.

It might also be worth ensuring all outstanding invoices are paid considering the impact this is having on the economy.

4. Diversify.

All these services can be carried out without you needing to leave the house or have any human interaction.

1:1 training sessions
Nuture packages
Webinars/Online training
Paid Social Media Strategies and/or audits

If you are unsure how to move your in person workshops to online training then check out this blog.

5. Get visible.

Make yourself visible online now so you can try and earn more money if your core client management income suffers. You should be doing this anyway but if you find yourself with less work than usual then put the time to good use to build your audience so you have potential leads ready to go when things settle down again.

6. Buddy up.

If you’re worried about not being able to work should the coronavirus affect you directly use this chance to find some people you can work with so you can support each other with your workloads.
Take this opportunity to talk to your trusted associates about the work you are doing so they can step in and take over from you should they need to.
Ensure your clients know this is a possibility and reassure them that your team will be ready to take over if needed.

7. Use the time to level up.

If your workload drops and you find yourself stuck at home without much to do then use the time wisely.

This is a great opportunity to level up your knowledge and skills so check out some great courses or tutorials and use this time to get stuck into your learning. You could even use this time to work through The Social Media Managers Toolkit.

8. Keep calm.

It’s an incredibly strange time for all of us and none of us have experienced anything like this before so it’s hard to know what to advise, but we hope these few tips help you plan for the the unknown.

In the meantime, grab a cuppa and keep calm!