Holly conquers her fear of Facebook ads

by | Jul 14, 2020

Knowledge and confidence fast-tracked by the Facebook Ads course


Holly Boult is the founder of Holly Boult Social – a social media agency in West Sussex that offers platform management, digital marketing, and paid media support.


THE CHALLENGE: To become a Facebook ad expert

Having dabbled with Facebook ads in the past, Holly knew that getting them right wasn’t as simple as it seemed. ‘I used to think I could set up an ad and it would just work for me,’ she says. ‘But it didn’t.’ 


So, when a new client asked her to run a campaign for their beautiful hotel business in October 2019, it was with a level of trepidation that Holly agreed. ‘I was too embarrassed to admit I didn’t have a clue about Business Manager,’ she says. ‘But I had no idea and no confidence at all.’


Feeling overwhelmed she turned to Google for help but, with so many different opinions and tutorials to choose from, Holly ended up feeling more confused than ever.


Her next step was to investigate online courses. ‘I looked at some courses but couldn’t justify the cost,’ she says. ‘I would have had to have taken out a loan or put it on a credit card and that would have been a bad decision for me.’


THE SOLUTION: Exceptional training from leading Ad Strategists

Already a fan of the Social Media Managers Toolkit, Holly knew she could put her trust in The Hub founders Laura Davis and Laura Moore. So, when the opportunity to join their substantially more affordable Facebook Ads course came up, Holly didn’t hesitate.


‘As well as helping my existing client, I knew that with more knowledge I could make more money and expand my offering as a business,’ she says.


Following the Lauras clear and simple step-by-step modules Holly soon got grips with the dreaded Business Manager and couldn’t have felt prouder.


Or so she thought! In January 2020 she launched her first successful ad campaign. ‘It gets quite exciting when things start working,’ says Holly. ‘I kept screenshotting the results and sending them to my client.’


Holly especially loved the weekly calls with the Lauras and the support she received from other members on the course. ‘The group was really helpful,’ says Holly. ‘But more than that, being able to offer other people advice and have someone agree with you is really reassuring. It helped build my confidence and proved to me that I knew what I was doing.’


THE RESULTS: A future-proofed business

As well as a happy client, Holly has future-proofed her business and saved herself a lot of unnecessary stress.

‘The course has saved me a lot of time and worry. When you’re spending a client’s money you want to feel you are getting it right. Now I have the confidence to do that,’ she says.

Find out about The Ads Manager Academy here

‘The course had given me the confidence I needed to set up ads and work on them with my clients. It means I can now really grow my business as I am able to offer a new service.’

Holly Boult

Holly Boult Social