Find A Client The Way You’d Find A Husband

How do you find a client as a social media manager? Some say it's a saturated market.. we disagree.

When it comes to finding a client, don’t panic the perfect match is out there for you, you just need to find them!

It reminds me of when we were in our 20’s searching for “the one”, the future husband. Back then I was given some great advice, and funnily enough it all applies to finding your perfect client! 

#1 Be seen.

No one will find you if you stay inside and don’t go out. For clients get out there be visible on social media and, if you want, networking events.

#2 Don’t be a cheap date!

Don’t be a cheap social media manager. Charge your worth and value what you do.

#3 Don’t give all your secrets away on a first date!

Likewise don’t tell your clients all your secrets, tips and processes.

#4 Show them who’s boss!

Show them you’re the expert. Give them the confidence to trust you and make this a long term (working) relationship.

#5 Don’t badger him to propose.

Don’t nag a prospective client to sign you up. For some it takes time to commit. That's not to say you don't need to follow up with them, you do but don't be a stalker.

#6 Don’t pounce on the first one to show you any attention.

The good ones you have to work at.

#7 Never get “carried away” on the first date!

Never over promise, stick to your agreed plan. It can be all too easy to want to impress early which can be hard to maintain. 

#8 Don’t go for the bad boys!

Follow your gut with the future husband AND clients. Like tickthelist and Plumella say, choose someone that trusts you and respects you. 

#9 Don’t be led by looks!

Aesthetics/brand is good but I promise you a nice, genuine, kind client wins every time.

#10 Steer clear of cheap skates.

Clients who are constantly trying to cut costs or bring your price down are not ‘the one'.

#11 Control freaks don't make good partners.

If they start trying to control your every move then alarm bells should be ringing. The best clients are the one's who don't breath down your neck constantly. 

#12 Choose someone that listens.

This one was from an Inner Hub member and we totally agree. Clients who listen to advice and don't always want to be right are the one's you want to get.

 #13 Size doesn't matter!

According to _neoncherry , size isn't important. She's referring to audience sizes, clients who think you can get them 10k followers in a month! Steer clear!

#14 There's plenty more fish in the sea.

If it doesn't work out then try not to take it personally. Keep your chin up, there's plenty more out there!

#15 Get advice from your tribe

You need your friends when looking for ‘the one'. Especially when you find someone with good potential but aren't sure how get them to cross the line or get the ring on their hypothetical finger. That's when you'll want to turn to trusted people for advice and support. Join The Hub, our community of social media managers where you'll get just that.

#16 Make a good first impression

Our Social Media Manager Toolkit is just what you need to make you look perfect and create a great first (and ongoing) impression, so you can seal the deal!