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Four Ways To Get Hired As A Social Media Manager

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How do you find clients as a freelance social media manager? We’ve all see those social media pros who appear to have new clients fall at their feet and it can be disheartening.

But it isn’t always what it seems. 

Those people haven’t had success handed to them on a plate, and they certainly didn’t win clients overnight.  They have made strategic decisions that put them in a position to be the person a business owner chooses when they are ready to hire.

There are many things you can be doing to put yourself in a similar position, but here are our top 4 ways to get people to hire YOU.



#1 – Practice what you preach.

Work hard at your own social media and show up as the expert people come to, recommend and hire.

And don’t make excuses about this. If you want to work in social media you must be willing to prove to a potential client that you know what you’re talking about. 

To do that you need to have a good presence and you need to show up. If people can’t see you they can’t hire you, because they don’t know you exist.

If you expect people to part with their cash you need to make sure they trust you and social media is the best place to do that.


#2 – Align yourself with the right people. 

People want to know they can trust you, and that you are getting good advice from the right people. So make sure you not only hang out in the right circles, but are strategically telling people which circles you are in.

One of our members won a client because she was in The Inner Hub, and she’d shouted about it. 

People respect you when working hard to stay on top of your game because they know that means you’ll be able to do good work for them. 

Whatever memberships you are in, be sure to tell people the value that brings to them as a potential client.

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#3 – Have a slick onboarding process

From the moment a client shows interest in your services, you need an amazing process in place to keep them keen and then convert them. 

They need to feel confident in your abilities from day one. Ensuring your onboarding process is as slick as it can be will give them confidence in how you run your business, and that will transfer to the work they want you to do for theirs.


#4 – Promote your business on the Meet the Social Pro® Directory

A listing on our Meet The Social Pro® directory is free for members of The Inner Hub and many members have won clients from it for management, consultancy and training on both organic and paid campaigns. Some members have also been approached to host masterclasses and write guest blogs.

With hundreds of unique visitors each month it is the perfect place for you to be spotted by business owners actively looking for help with their social media so be sure to write a strong listing.



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