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The Inner Hub is a monthly membership to help social media pros to nail their marketing and grow their business.

It includes courses, masterclasses and downloadable resources to help them stay on top of their game with help from experts in their field..


We are Laura Moore & Laura Davis, also known as The Lauras!

We'd love to be able to collaborate, help share your content, introduce you to our members and work with you in a way that works well for all of us.

How Can We Help Each Other?

We want to make sure our lovely members are receiving the very best actionable advice so we want to collaborate with experts from around the world who can provide content on their specialist subject areas to give our members real ‘aha’ moments

And that’s where you come in!  We’d love you to be our expert guest!

Be our guest expert

We'd love you to share your expertise in a masterclass or training on your specialist subject. 

We can host a live session & Q&A on Zoom or can send us over a pre-recorded video and we’ll host a watch party, followed by a live Q&A with our members so they can get to know you more and ask questions about your specialist area. 

Ideally your training will be 45mins + 15 min Q&A but if you prefer to do something longer we are up for that too! 

We’ll need your headshot and bio so we can promote your session.

And we’d love to host relevant bonus resources in our members library to give you additional visibility. 

Add to our courses

If you've got something that fits in with our existing content or a relevant mini course to tease your main offer, we’re totally open to that too. And we'd love to do a content swap if that's something that would help you.

Our guest experts include:

Matt Navarra

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Ken ‘Spanky' Moscowitz

John Espirian

Rachel Miller


in it for


We'll introduce you to all our lovely members and make sure they know what you offer and where to find you.   

We'll also make sure our wider audience knows about you!

Promotion to our email list

We'll be emailing all our subscribers to ensure they know you'll be appearing in the membership. 

Promotion on our socials

We'll be shouting about you on our social media channels before, during and after your session.

Promotion inside our group

Our Facebook group is highly engaged (Andrew & Pete described it as the best and most engaged community they'd ever seen!

You're welcome to come in and do a quick Facebook Live to the group members as well.

Ongoing Promotion

Your content will stay inside our membership and will be regularly promoted as part of our general membership marketing.

Plus we’ll owe you one so we’d be happy to return the favour if you need an expert in your group or for your course or event.

We can help your audience with all things social media marketing (we are certified by Facebook) and love to talk about organic social media marketing, growing online communities and using Facebook ads.

Our community is extremely responsive, which is why many brands choose to partner with us.  Here's the stats:

Paying Members of the inner hub membership

Engaged Email Subscribers

Social Media Followers

Facebook Group Members

If this sounds good and you think we can help each other, we'd love to have a chat