Hourly Rate Calculator

Ready to find out if you are charging enough?

Before you get started remember, there is no right or wrong answer to this question, only you know if you are charging enough. But it's always nice to have some validation on whether you're in the right ball park or could consider increasing your rates.

We looked at what many social media pros are charging to create our pricing calculator to help you figure out if you are valuing the work you are doing for clients.

Simply pop in your monthly income & the number of hours you spend working on your client(s) account(s) for that money & we'll tell you your hourly rate.

If that falls within the green band then awesome, but if you're in the yellow or red zone then it's time to look at your fees.

What is your total monthly income?

How many hours do you work each month?

Your hourly income rate works out to be:

Great work, your prices look good
Consider reviewing your fees soon.
Review your fees soon, you are likely to be under valuing yourself.

Important… we highly recommend you don't charge by the hour.

There are various reasons for this but even if you aren't charging a client by the hour it's still important to understand your hourly rate in comparison to your fee.

Otherwise you might find yourself working your backside off for less than minimum wage, and we all know social media marketing is a key part business these days so it's definitely worth more than that!

Three reasons you should not charge by the hour.


Charging by the hour means as you get better (and faster) at your job, you'll be taking a pay cut!


If a client cuts back on your time are you really going to cut back on the value you bring? Or will you work the same number of hours to ensure the same outcome?


Hourly rates don't reflect the outcomes you are able to bring to your client & mean the client is likely to value your time rather than your expertise.

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