An online haven for social media professionals

Enjoy running your thriving social media business by focussing on the things that matter most.

Like a tightrope walker, juggling flaming clubs, above a pool full of sharks…

What do I need to focus on to grow my business?

Whose industry updates should I trust?

Have I done enough to fill my pipeline with clients?

Can I really be a professional social media manager when my own accounts look like a neglected barren wasteland?

What if this client relationship turns sour?

Would you like to replace those sleep-robbing, stress-inducing questions with…

A strategic Success Plan that means you can focus on doing the things that will deliver a consistent flow of your PERFECT clients.

The tools and templates you need to grow your business and manage client relationships?

A single source of reliable social media news so that you KNOW with confidence that you're keeping up-to-date with the relevant info?

are you ready to Feel calm, confident and in control?

This is what's waiting for you inside the membership.



Help to grow your business just the right amount – not so much that you’ve wasted time generating leads you can’t handle – not so little that you’re twiddling your thumbs when you could be earning money.

A private space where you can seek support with client challenges and business-building questions and share expertise with colleagues. This is a client-free zone, filled only with other professionals who take their social media business seriously.



A private space where you can seek support with client challenges and business-building questions and share expertise with colleagues. This is a client-free zone, filled only with other professionals who take their social media business seriously.


A single trustworthy information source to keep you updated on the latest must-know social media & marketing developments – without wasting your time on speculation, or endless rehashes of old news.


Would you like more clients? Then get listed in our exclusive members-only directory.

There’s one question we hear over and over again: ‘Do you know someone who can help me with….’ And now we’ll have a quick answer for all those business owners seeking help with their social media and ads management…we send them straight to the directory.  


Our members have won great clients from the MEET THE SOCIAL PRO™️ directory as it is a quick and easy way for potential clients to find you. Spend just a few minutes creating your listing so that potential clients can contact you directly for as long as you remain a member.

Need to find someone to pass a potential client on to? Or maybe you need to outsource part of a project that’s outside your expertise? Consult the Directory.

Expert-led masterclasses tailor made for social media pros

We bring in incredible experts to help you build, market and develop your business.

We know it’s difficult finding time to focus on your own business when you’re busy serving your clients. We’re not here to learn hours and hours of theory – we’re 100% focussed on taking action that will help you move along your path to success.


We choose our experts based on what you tell us you need. And our experts tailor their classes to our membership which is 100% made up of professionals offering social media management, social ads management, or both.

Other online trainings are designed to appeal to a broad audience of people, running businesses across multiple industries. 

The monthly masterclasses will you to give you a boost of knowledge, so you can then implement what you’ve learned to help your business move forwards.

And you can dive into the recordings whenever you need to level up your knowledge.

Guests include:

Matt Navarra


Ken ‘Spanky' Moscowitz

John Espirian

Rachel Miller

The Inner Hub is THE online membership exclusively for Social Media & Ad pros.

THE newswire

We provide ALL the need-to-know social media news, as it's happening.

Do you feel a constant nagging anxiety that something will change in the social media industry, and everyone will know about it apart from you…..your colleagues, your clients….even your kids….everyone knows about this thing, except you, and they’re all standing around laughing at you because you are the no-news-numpty who didn’t know what was going on? 


OK, that may be a bit extreme, but keeping up to date with the constant changes is a worry for social media professionals.

Our clients have hired us to keep up-to-date so they don’t have to bother. But if we dedicate too much time and energy to the latest news, we have nothing left to get the rest of the job done.

We’re making it easy for the Inner Hub members to stay informed, without being distracted, confused or overloaded.

We provide you all the need-to-know social media news, as it happens, via our messaging app.

You can tune out all the noise and interruptions throughout the week, concentrate on delivering for your clients, and developing your business, because you know you’ll be being kept up to date.

PLUS you can use all this news to inform your audience & position yourself as the expert they need to hire.

THE sounding board

Don’t waste your time and energy going around in circles trapped inside your own head – just pop along to one of the calls, put your thoughts into words, and feel the tension lift. We know how powerful a listening ear and an alternative perspective can be, so we’re offering you the opportunity to speak with us face-to-face (via Zoom).


Once a month we host a Sounding Board Session where The Lauras will be at the head of the table ready to answer your questions, hear your ideas, and explore your challenges. Hot seat requests are made in advance (if you want one – or you’re welcome to just watch).

And our brainstorm breakout sessions mean you get to chat with other social media pros to bash out any issues you're facing.

It’s like having a staff room full of colleagues ready to help you out, without having to make all the teas or supply the biscuits.


THE content kit
(Value £99)


Why is it so much easier to stay on top of the client’s social media marketing, than our own?

Why do we leave it lingering on the to-do list for far too long, even though we KNOW it’s an essential business-building activity.


We get it. It can be hard to invest the time and energy when we don’t know for sure if that time and energy will pay off. An extra couple of hours working for a client – you know what that’s worth to you in £££. But a couple of hours stocking your own social feeds – much harder to quantify.

The Content Kit makes sure you spend your precious (and scarce) time working on the right kinds of content.

We’ll show you:

  •  The 3 buyer stages your content needs to appeal to (it is essential you get the right mix of these).
  • How to write a bio/About page to generate leads from all the right people.
  • Everything you need to know to shoot, upload and caption engaging video content
  • How to use long form content to promote your business
  • Making best use of Stories (Facebook and Instagram)
  • How to use campaigns and challenges to boost your business
  • A gold-mine of mini tutorials on making magnificent graphics using Canva (we use this every day and we have some amazing hacks to share with you)

Plus – take our 5 day visibility challenge to accelerate your social media presence.

“I’ve been using the Content Kit for the last 3 weeks and I’m super chuffed by the growth.

I’m still working hard to try and grow my IG account ( I launched end of January) – but there has definitely been a great improvement for me and I’ve still got a good few days left in 30’day content plan.

Compared with the same period the previous month (before using the Content Kit), I’m getting 3 x as many profile views, 4 x as many website clicks and my followers number is growing 3 x as quickly.”

Ruth Walmsley
First Person Narrative

ready to join the inner hub?

Annual Membership

ONLY £490


Save £98 on the monthly subscription.

monthly membership

ONLY £49


Recurring monthly payment, cancel anytime.

Lock in at these rates for the lifetime of your membership.

Prices include VAT.

We'll help you focus on the things that matter so you can

attract the right clients

maintain your ‘a' game

grow your business

we are Laura Moore & Laura Davis

We've spent the last 21 years marketing our own businesses and helping our clients to grow theirs too. And we may look like an overnight success but that’s not the reality. 

We’ve both taken online courses and been in different memberships, ranging in price from £30 right up to £197 a month and while we both learnt enough, we were frustrated because nothing was specific enough for us as social media managers.

Being a social media pro is a unique position to be in as you have to split your focus between your own and your clients businesses. That's why The Inner Hub is specifically for social media pros – that is what would have helped us get results easier, and faster


monthly masterclasses

To help you level up your business & move you along your path to success.


sounding board calls

Each month to get the answers to all your questions and brainstorm ideas.


accountability partner programme

You can set goals together, stay focused & cheer each other on.


Member Perks

Discounts and offers on tools for social media pros, plus more coming soon.


exclusive members community

With the dedicated support you need. You think our free group is good? Wait till you see this one!



To help you avoid overwhelm and focus on only doing the things you NEED to do to achieve the success you want.


The Content Kit

To ensure you spend your precious (and scarce) time working on the right kinds of content for your own business.


newswire alerts

To keep you on top of all the changes happening on all platforms so you can stay on top of your game.


A listing on the 'Meet The Social Pro' directory

Help businesses can easily find you when they need to hire a social media pro.


Will this help me get more clients?

YES! In 3 ways:

  • You'll have a strategic Success Plan to follow to help you keep moving your business forwards.
  • You’ll be more confident about pricing, packaging and selling your services thanks to the masterclasses, Sounding Board sessions, and support from your fellow social media professionals
  • You’ll be listed in the Directory Of Social Professionals making it easy for potential clients to find and connect with you.
I'm brand new, I don't even have my first client yet - will this help?

YES! See previous answer!

I’m an experienced social media professional - is this for me?

Do you fret over potential client relationship problems? Would you like to have more clients? Charge more? Offer a wider range of services? Stay up-to-date with all the latest social media news? Have other social media professionals to discuss ideas and problems with? Yes?  Then yes, the Inner Hub is for you.

I don’t know if I’ll have time to use this?

We aren’t going to come over to your house, tie you to the desk and make you access the materials in the Inner Hub.

We ARE going to reassure you that we 100% know what it’s like to be a time-poor social media professional with clients to serve, a business to run, and a real life offline that’s also rather demanding.

We’ve created the Inner Hub so you can attract and serve your clients with as little faff and fuss as possible.

We’re all about streamlining what we do, using templates so we don’t all have to reinvent the same documents, and focussing our time and energy on the activities that will make the biggest difference to our bottom line. 

PLUS the content we are giving you is there for the long term so you will be able to dip into it when you need it.  

Do I get access to everything straight away?

Yes. You’ll get instant access to some parts of the membership, including the Ads Management Toolkit and the Content Kit.

Our Masterclasses are held monthly and you have access to a library of recordings from experts such as Matt Navarra, Rachel Miller and Teresa Heath-Wareing.

How do the templates fit in with my business branding?

The templates are all built in Canva and are fully customisable so you can ensure they stay within your brand style. We’ve even included a short training video to help you to customise them.

I already bought the Content Kit

Fantastic, you'll know how useful it is. The good news is you'll retain lifetime access even outside of the membership.

Do I need The Social Media Managers Toolkit to join the membership?

Having the toolkit will make it easier and faster for you to progress through the Success Plan, but it is not essential.

….is this for me?

I offer done-for-you social media / ads management…

I offer social media management/ads training….

I offer community management / consultancy / anything else related to social media marketing…

….is this for me?

YES! If you offer one or a combination of those things you are a social media professional and the Inner Hub is here to help you attract and retain clients, while enjoying the work that you do (because working for yourself should be a joy not a chore).

Freelancer, sole trader, self-employed, partnership, limited business – however you’ve structured your business – if you deliver social media management or social ads management (or both) for other people’s businesses, you ARE a social media pro.

What is the cancellation policy?

Whilst you won't want to leave we know this is probably on your mind. Our cancellation process is simple and easy to do in your account. You can leave at anytime and will retain access to everything until the end of your billing period (eg the end of the month if you're a monthly member or after 12 months if you pay annually) 

The Inner Hub will help you to


Market your business


Sign new clients


Stay informed in a constantly evolving industry


Diversify your income


Develop yourself & business


build your confidence

Why Now?

You’ve chosen an exciting, dynamic profession, with the flexibility and responsibility of being self-employed.

You’ve got no manager to hold you accountable, no colleagues to bounce ideas off, and no HR department to keep your skills up-to-date.

It’s hardly surprising if sometimes it feels a little too much.

Tune out the noise, focus on the things that matter, enjoy a thriving social media business.

See you on the inside.

Annual Membership

ONLY £490


Save £98 on the monthly subscription.

monthly membership

ONLY £49


Recurring monthly payment, cancel anytime.

Lock in at these rates for the lifetime of your membership.

Prices include VAT.

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