Are you attracting clients with low budgets or unrealistic expectations who make you resent your work as a freelance social media pro?

It's time to learn exactly how to attract your dream clients who value your expertise and pay you your worth…

You're working on attracting clients…

But you’re not super excited about the businesses who want to work with you as they don't value your growing expertise and they don't have the budgets to pay you your true worth.

You set up your business to work on your terms…

So you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to make sure that your clients have a great experience from day one, and you aren't at their beck and call at all hours of the day.

You know other social pros are making more money that you…

And you're ready to learn the exact steps to attract, win and retain your dream clients.  So that you can build a profitable business.

Bottom line… You want to win well-paying clients (who are also a joy to work with) and keep them on-board.

Here's a crazy question…

What if you stopped trying to work with everyone – and instead only attract the perfect clients for YOU…

… who also have the budgets to pay your fees?

Sound too good to be true?
Stick with us, we are about to help you do exactly that!

This sound familiar?

You find yourself wasting valuable time talking to businesses that can't afford to hire you 

You're being ghosted by potential clients after telling them how much it'll cost to work with you.

You're dropping your prices because other people are doing it for less… and you don't want to lose the work.

What if instead you could…

Attract the right people, disqualify the ones who can't afford you (or would be a nightmare to work with) and only spend time with the people who could turn into your dream clients.

And feel confident to give them everything they need to say YES to working with you.

Step 1

Attract the perfect people and offer them the solution to their problems. 

Step 2

Pre-qualify leads before spending time with them to make sure they're right for you.

Step 3

Give them everything they need to say yes so you can start the perfect working relationship.

We're going to not only help you win great clients, but also retain them…


How To Win & Retain Your Dream Clients As A Social Media Manager

24 November 2021 7.30 pm

[UK Time]

Here's everything that's included:

Live Masterclass [value £199]

Live Q&A with the two Lauras [value £99]

Dream customer worksheet [value £19]

Pre-qualifying questionnaire [value £19]

On-boarding checklist [value £19]

Customer journey tools PDF [value £9]


Today's price: just £27

This is exactly what we cover in this masterclass


Identifying & attracting your dream clients...

…the ones who can afford your fees and are a dream to work with.


The journey from cold lead to happily paying client.


How to present your price so the client says yes.


Kickstarting the perfect working relationship,


The one thing that means you can charge a premium for your services.


The important mindset shifts you need to make.

Step-by-step guidance on the processes you need in place to attract and win those perfect clients.

Perfecting our business processes changed the way we do business… and the money we made.

Hello! We are the two Lauras…

We are both freelance social media pros who have been where you are.

We dreamt of building a business that worked around our families and meant we could increase our household income.

After making mistakes that led to us being frustrated by clients who didn't value our expertise or pay us our true worth, we realised something needed to change.

Building a good customer journey in our businesses meant we were able to attract better clients and seamlessly take them from lead to loyal customer with no stress.

This one change in our businesses meant we were able to increase our fees while WORKING FEWER HOURS with amazing business owners who really valued and trusted our expertise.

We can't wait to share the exact steps you can take to work with your DREAM clients, who love what you do, are happy to pay and recommend you to other incredible, like-minded, business owners too.

win well-paying clients (who are also a joy to work with)… and keep them on-board.

Here's everything that's included:

Live Masterclass [value £199]

Live Q&A with the two Lauras [value £99]

Dream customer worksheet [value £19]

Pre-qualifying questionnaire [value £19]

On-boarding checklist [value £19]

Customer journey tools PDF [value £9]


Today's price: just £27

24 November 2021 7.30 pm

[UK Time]

you'll walk away from this workshop knowing how to…


Easily identify & attract the DREAM clients for your business.


Pre-qualify your leads to only spend time with the right people.


Confidently host a discovery call ready to win the client.


Give your leads everything they need to say YES to your price.


Start your on-boarding the right way… so you can charge a premium.


Switch your mindset so you are confident to implement this journey.

Your questions answered

When & where is this workshop taking place?

Join us 24th November at 7.30 pm (UK time)

This is a live training taking place on Zoom.. so you don't have to leave your sofa!

Is this really only £27?

Yep! I know we can't believe it either!

But we want to reassure you that low cost doesn’t mean low value… we have put a lot of effort into making this workshop really useful for you.

Is this just for social media managers?

We'll be sharing strategies and tactics for creating a customer journey that works for freelance social media pros to build their business.

So if you offer social media marketing to clients as a freelancer then this is the perfect event for you whether you class yourself as a social media manager, VA, community manager, ads manager or anything in between.

But if you are in-house or just managing the social media for your own business this workshop is unlikely to be useful for you.