Memberships Made Simple

Are you turning away people who can't afford to work with you?

Would you love to help more people, but don't have time for more 1:1 clients?

Do you dream of starting each month with £1k, £10k or even more in your account?

A membership might be the perfect solution.


This time last year our membership was just an idea we'd talked about a handful of times… dreaming of that elusive 6-figure business that we'd seen people bragging about!

But more than anything, we wanted to help more people to achieve their goals, and have the freedom to focus on the parts of our business that brought us joy and step back from the bits that made us dread Mondays.

Now we start each month with money in the bank to pay our team and we have time to focus on serving our members (who are amazing by the way!) and developing the parts of our business that we love.

We've built a membership that's so fun it doesn't feel like a business at all and we have freedom to spend more time with our families.

To help you get started we are sharing TWO
awesome FREE ways to learn about memberships…

First up… meet Stu McLaren.

Stu is our mentor when it comes to all things memberships. He has worked with TENS OF THOUSANDS of membership and subscription site owners around the world and truly knows what it takes to create a successful membership business.

Last year we started our membership journey with Stu's workshop series.

You're in for a treat as he's doing it again this year and its TOTALLY FREE!

Then…. join us for a unique live workshop where we'll be sharing:


The pros and cons of having a membership

(yes there are some downsides!)


The right time to start your membership

& how to choose the right model for you.


The most important part of a successful membership.


The steps we took to launch with 380 founding members...

…and grow to over 500 members in under 6 months.


The tools, tech and resources you'll need to invest in

to launch, grow and scale a membership


The exact tech set-up we use to run our membership


The best ways to win and retain members.


The reason we don't use an evergreen membership model

and why you might prefer not to either (it's not what you think).

plus ask us anything about memberships in a live Q&A

3rd May 2021

11 am GMT

These workshops are for you if… 

You want to launch a membership within the next 12 months…

But you're not sure where to start and don't know how to pick the best membership model for you.

You're ready to add recurring revenue to your business…

But you're overwhelmed with how much there is to get in place first and are confused about what to do first and what tech you need in place.

You love what you do and want to help more people…

But you're unsure if a membership is right for you or are confused on how you could get it off the ground and start bring in members.

Bottom line… You want to add a monthly recurring income to your business, while doing something you love.

How it works…

Sign up to Stu's workshops

There are 3 in total, the first one is April 22nd.
Full details are on his site.

Sign up to our workshop

Join us 3rd May 11am GMT

Get super excited about your own membership!

What do we know about memberships?

Hey! We are The Two Lauras…

We are the co-hosts of The Inner Hub, a membership for freelance social media pros.

We launched our membership in June 2020 in the midst of the pandemic and thanks to a well thought our plan and some inside secrets (which we'll share with you) we had 380 founding members join.

Fast forward to today and our membership is now thriving with over 500 members and a community of the very best people you could ever imagine supporting.

We love it. Our members inspire us every day and we feel incredibly lucky to be sharing their journeys.

Not only do we get to support these incredible people but we have grown a business that works around our other work (we are both freelance social media marketers) and around our families.

Look, we don't know everything… after all our membership is only 10 months old, but Stu does which is why we are introducing you to him!

And we have built a business we love which also brings us a consistent income to pay our growing team and we'd love to share our experiences to so you can do the same.

Is a membership right for you?

Do you want to build a successful business based on the things you already, know, love, and do! 

Do you want to start every month with less stress knowing money is on the way to your account? 

Do you want to make more impact by helping more people without working even more hours?

If you said yes to any of that then a membership is probably the answer so we'd love to share our experiences to help you get started.

Your questions answered

When & where are these workshop taking place?

Stu's workshops are all online and you'll get the access details once you sign up.

Our workshop is hosted on Zoom on 3rd May 11 am GMT 

… you won't have to leave your sofa for any of it!

What if I can't join live?

There will be a replay for everything but the real value is in the live workshops so try and make it if you can, it'll be well worth it.

Can I sign up for the replay?

You need to register in advance.

Is this really free?

Yep! But we want to reassure you that low cost doesn’t mean low value… Stu's workshops are LEGENDARY!

And we have put a lot of effort into making ours really useful for you too.

Is this just for digital marketers?

No. These are strategies and tactics that can work for all memberships and subscription sites.

But as digital marketers ourselves, any examples we share in our membership will likely be within that space.

And we've seen people start memberships in all sorts of sectors from marketing to finance, crafts to food, animals to children. There really is no limit to what you can create a membership for.  

If your expertise lies in social media or online marketing then this is the perfect training for you but it'll also be great if this isn't your area of expertise.

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