Memberships made simple

We launch and grew to over 500 members in under 6 months

…find out how you can too!

Turning what you love doing into a recurring monthly income… we'll share how inside

Memberships made Simple

We'll be lifting the lid on our membership and taking you behind the scenes as we LAUNCH!

Join us for this FREE 3 week live event where we'll be sharing all our secrets!

April 19th – May 6th

This is for you if… 

You want to launch a membership within the next 12 months…

But you're not sure where to start and don't know how to pick the best membership model for you.

You're ready to add recurring revenue to your business…

But you're overwhelmed with how much there is to get in place first and are confused about what to do first and what tech you need in place.

You love what you do and want to help more people…

But you're unsure if a membership is right for you or are confused on how you could get it off the ground and start bring in members.

Hello! We are the two Lauras…

Hello! We are the two Lauras…

We are the co-hosts of The Inner Hub, a membership for freelance social media pros.

We launched our membership in June 2020 in the midst of the pandemic and thanks to a well thought our plan and some inside secrets (which we'll share with you) we had 320 founding members join.

Fast forward to today and our membership is now thriving with over 500 members and a community of the very best people you could ever imagine supporting.

We love it. Our members inspire us every day and we feel incredibly lucky to be sharing their journeys.

Not only do we get to support these incredible people but we have grown a business that works around our other work (we are both freelance social media marketers) and around our families.

We are relaunching our membership in April and for the first time ever, we are lifting the lid on our launch and sharing everything we are doing.

Are we mad? Possibly!

But we can't wait to share our secrets! Come join us?

Join us for a unique event where we'll be sharing:


Everything that's worked for us

(and what hasn't)


The key things we did to launch with 320 founding members


The exact tech set-up we use to run our membership

(and how to use it)


How to get the help you need

so you can launch and grow a successful membership

plus follow us behind the scenes as we'll be launching our membership live and sharing everything  we are doing so you can do it too!

this event is free to join

Save your spot!

Your questions answered…

Is this really free?

Yep! Starting a membership was one of the best things we did so are sharing all our secrets for free. At the end of this free event, we will be making an offer but you are under no obligation to take us up on it if it's not right for you.

Where and when is this event?

We'll be hosting this event on Facebook (you'll get an invite to our exclusive pop-up community once you register) and we'll be sharing our secrets daily during the event. There is no set time-table but don't worry, we'll make sure you don't miss anything!

What if I don't plan to start a membership in the next 12 months?

We don't want to waste anyone's time so we'll be honest and say that this is probably not right for you at the moment.