This is part 4 of a mini-series about scaling your social media business

In this episode, we share our experiences of creating & launching courses and give you our tips and advice to do the same.


• There is more than one way to plan and host a course. Think outside the box.

• People learn in different ways so try to accommodate the needs of your audience. Offer VIP upgrades, provide your course materials in different formats (we use Searchie for this) etc.

• It's not uncommon for people to take the same course multiple times so think about how you can tweak and refine it to help people go deeper.

• Sell it before you build it.

• The best courses are updated, tweaked and refined over time. Don't let your audience down and ruin your own reputation by allowing your course to become out of date.

• As part of your planning, consider what your students might need next & whether there is potential for a backend membership.


If you are considering scaling with a course, you might find Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy programme helpful.

Grab a whole bunch of resources to help with creating a digital course here.