This is part 2 of a mini-series on scaling your social media business.

In this episode, we share our experiences of scaling our business, and income, with a digital product. We talk about The Social Media Managers Toolkit and share behind the scenes of how we created and launched it.

We also give some tips and advice to help you scale your business this way.

Key takeaways:

• A digital product is not an easy way to scale, even though lots of people might see it like that.

• To scale this way you'll need a launch plan and a strategic way to continue to sell it, which can be hard work.

• Start by really paying attention to your audience.

• Your digital product won't be 100% perfect the first time. So factor in time to adjust and refine it as you go.

• There might be better ways to scale your business.


Grab a whole bunch of resources to help with starting a digital products here.

We also mentioned these products in this episode:

The social media managers toolkit

Social prf – our psychology-driven social media marketing programme.