Using TikTok as a service based business with Penny Walker

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In today's episode, we are joined by TikTok trainer, Penny Walker. Tune in to hear the mistakes you might be making on TikTok and how to avoid them.

Penny specialises in teaching fun-loving, lifestyle brands to create great content for TikTok growth. Her goal is to give you the skills, confidence and mindset to produce effective short-form video fast, without eating into your busy day. With more than seven years of experience working in content, design and social media, she can help you to raise brand awareness, connect with new audiences and boost your monthly revenue. And – best of all – you’ll have a blast doing it!


  • Why freelancers are so hesitant to use TikTok for their business
  • Why TikTok views don’t matter & the metrics you should be focusing on instead
  • How to leverage TikTok for your clients’ business
  • TikTok mistakes you might be making
  • What you can do right now to get a quick win

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