Is The Moolah Marketing Course Right For Social Media Managers?

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By Laura Davis

Rachel Miller's Moolah Facebook course is a game changer for social media managers.

With Rachel Miller opening the doors once again to her ever popular Moolah Marketing Build Your Audience course soon, we wanted to write an honest review on how we found it. Warts and All.

My one-line review would be “It was a game-changer for me as a social media manager”

But you’ll probably want to know why.. right? So here’s the longer answer and why I loved the course so much and recommend it to social media pros all the time. The Build Your Audience Course is open for enrolment twice a year usually so it's worth getting on the waiting list.


I did the course at the point in my freelance journey where I needed to get some quick wins, I was working with “small” clients with small budgets who weren't paying me much and I knew I needed to get some big wins under my belt so I could sing about it from the roof tops and get some better paying clients!

Rachel’s course had come recommended to me and the person who recommended it had got a ton of quick wins which had led to audience growth and an increase in other results.     


The course was all online and in theory I could work at my own pace. I had a young baby at the time (6 months old) and two older children, but only one at school. I was able to put aside time in the evenings to do the training.

There was a Facebook group to support us along the way but, I’ll be honest, I didn’t dip into that much as it was busy and my time was limited. But if you need the live support then I've heard really good things about it.

My clients (and my own business)

I knew that growing audiences was important to all my clients at the time, and predicted that most of my future clients would have the same goal. I also knew my own business, Virtually Savvy, needed some attention! So, the course addressed a big pain point for me.

Growing audiences on Facebook can be hard going and my clients didn't have ads budgets at the time so organic growth was key.

I worked with the right type of businesses.

I personally think it would be hard to implement many of her strategies if you mainly work with clients who don’t allow you the freedom to post what works and carry out testing on their accounts.

My clients that were fully up for it and I specifically spoke to them about the course, to ensure they were happy for me to implement my learnings on their pages.

I opened a brand new Facebook page for one client and grew her page to 2k followers in just 6 weeks using everything I’d learnt on the course.

I also grew another page from 9k to 80k in two years without even implementing all of the strategies I'd learnt.

And once I'd implemented them I got this blinder of a testimonial which was the game changer for my whole business. I was fully booked and maxed out off the back of it. 

“Laura has been instrumental in growing my Facebook following by over 400% in a year. This phenomenal growth is largely down to her creative and considered social strategies. Through consistent posting imaginative content and a wealth of content and experience. Laura has sky rocketed my online presence. Without doubt, Laura’s energy and genuine enthusiasm for social media has been vital to my success this year. 

It was well worth the time and energy needed to get the most out of the course. I was earning more within three months of finishing the course as I had a newfound confidence and fire in my belly.


I’ll be honest, I was hesitant about joining the course as I know huge Facebook Audiences aren't the be-all and end all with marketing. And Facebook was (and still is) my favourite platform so I didn’t know how much I’d learn – I was wrong.

I knew that Rachel grew pages to then monetise which wasn’t what my clients or I wanted (although in hindsight I should totally have used the strategies to monetise my previous campaign page). It took a leap of faith that I’d be able to transfer the knowledge to more “traditional businesses”.

How it helps now

The principles I learnt from the Moolah Marketing Build Your Audience Course are engrained in how I approach many, if not all, of my client's social media and not just on Facebook.

Not all my clients have rapid growth as a result, but they have all seen a spike and increase in growth AND engagement – all relative to how much of the knowledge I was able to implement on their pages.

The course is perfect for growth strategies if you don’t have a budget to use Facebook Ads or if Facebook ads just aren't your thing you'll learn great organic strategies to use instead.

What Rachel Millar doesn’t know about organic Facebook isn’t worth knowing. It blew my mind.

She is really enthusiastic and I found her way of teaching really good; I totally understood her style of learning and that helped. Plus, with most of it being video I could refer back or just rewind!

Throughout the course, Rachel was very present and certainly still active in her business.

Overall feedback

This is without the best social media training I’ve ever done! (and I’ve done a lot!!).

It was up to date, full of knowledge, and we were fully supported by her and her team when we needed it. The Facebook group was very busy but that suited me fine as I wasn't really using it personally, the course itself gave me everything I needed.

I was also able to understand the psychology of why and how people use social media, it gave me a better understanding of the content we should produce to get a reaction and it made me understand how to keep both Facebook AND the audience happy.

I use A LOT of the strategies from this course to inspire me to create amazing workshops for small local businesses.

A couple of negative points & disclaimers.

There is a lot of information to absorb but you can refer back to all the videos as needed! It is quite fast-paced if you are in the Facebook group – but this is totally optional and I don't feel I missed out by not using that.

There were elements of the course that, although fascinating, were just not transferable to social media management as we know it. It was still useful and maybe in the future, I can utilise it fully.

I did the course in 2017, I know it's been updated since then which is a good thing but my review is in relation to the course prior to those updates. I can only imagine how much better it must be now. I’d be more concerned given how much Facebook changes if it hadn’t been updated!

This would work for you if any of these apply:

  • You work on Facebook for your business or your clients.
  • You have clients who allow you the freedom to implement your learnings
  • You have a campaign page or blog you want to grow and monetise
  • You work with B2C (it would be possible with some B2B but harder to implement elements like “viral content” but not impossible).

I hope this is review is useful. Rachel's Build Your Audience Course is only open for a short time and sells out really quickly so my advice would be not not hang around! .