Seize The Moment This New Year

by | Jan 2, 2020


I opened my email to three new leads today.

In fact we both woke up to a few leads this morning! And I don’t know for sure but I’ll put money on the following having been said by these leads last year.

“I’ll sort social media in 2020”,  “Let's make social media a priority next year” etc

So, low and behold it's day 1 back in the office after the Christmas break and they’re working their way through that 2020 to-do list.

I’m confident they are not the only few businesses in the world thinking the same so let’s think about how we can make the most of this opportunity as by February it’ll of dropped way down their list of priorities.

11 ways to be the one that businesses come to when they need help with social media marketing.

  1.     Be Visible. Get on social media and sell. Directly talk about how YOU can help THEM.  How can you be the answer to their problems?
  2.     Use Facebook ads to promote your services – don't know how to? Make that your priority in upskilling this year, there are tons of courses that can help, including ours.
  3.     Ensure your contact details and Bio’s are up to date across all your touch points.
  4.     Check your website is functioning and includes all the right information including how to contact you! 
  5.     Send emails to any warm leads – be polite, not spammy or pushy!
  6.     Drop a free audit into a warm lead inbox and wow them! (The Toolkit audit template has won many social media managers great clients!)
  7.     Be confident about your pricing. Don’t lose leads by not being sure on your offer. 
  8.     Have your onboarding systems slick and ready to go. Head into The Toolkit to make this process super simple.
  9.     Share on your personal and business profiles that you have capacity for one more client (create scarcity and urgency).
  10. Run a competition to get more fresh eyes on your socials. Think strategically with this.
  11. Go old school and send something in the post – think outside the box though as a flyer/letter will just be lost in a mountain of other flyers! Cake always goes down well, or some pizzas for the team for lunch?

These are just a few ideas on how you can start 2020 by winning a few new clients.

Good luck!

By Laura Davis

Laura is the co-founder of The Hub and owner of Virtually Savvy where she works with lifestyle and interior brands.