The Instagram Shop audit template

Auditing an Instagram Shop will help businesses make more sales, and help you win clients. We've made it easy with a fully customisable audit template.

Instagram Shops are going to be big for business in 2021 and beyond.

But they're only good for businesses who know how to use them, and have a good strategy to promote their products.

The ‘Instagram Shop Audit' template is created by experienced social media professionals (us) for social media professionals (you).

Maybe you're already offering an audit service but finding it time-consuming and not actually converting clients with it?

 Our unique traffic light system guides your clients through your findings and recommendations so they know exactly what to do next with you by their side.

Use the ‘instagram shop audit' template to win, wow and work with clients as a social media pro.

Access our fully customisable audit template

£29 Free today!

Immediate access after checkout


Fully customisable in Canva using a Free or Pro account. Easy to rebrand to your own style.


Each page of the template includes notes to guide you through exactly what to check and feedback on with space for recommendations.


Unique traffic light system makes it easy for your client to understand what is working, and what they could improve on to get better results/


Multiple-use template can be used again and again.

Offer as a free introduction to a warm lead, or as a paid service.

We are The Lauras

Between us we have over 18 years experience in social media marketing, across multiple industries.

We’re marketers, experienced marketers, who have won and worked with clients from a variety of industries.

We see so much opportunity for social media managers to help businesses to harness the Instagram Shop feature and our Audit template is just one way we can help. 

You got questions? We've got answers..

How much is it?

This template will only cost you £29. It's a one-off payment and you can then use the template as many times as you like to sell as a service to clients.

I’m not a social media manager, do I need this?

This template is for social media managers, but if you are need someone to audit your platforms please visit where you'll find some incredible social media pros from around the world.

I’m a pretty busy bee - how much time will this take?

This template is designed to SAVE YOU TIME when working with clients.

Do you sell any other templates?

We have a whole range of templates for social media managers to win and work with clients. You'll find them inside The Social Media Managers Toolkit.


How will this fit in with my branding?

The template is built inside Canva so you can edit the colours and fonts to match your brand. You can also add logos and photos and change the copy to match your usual tone.

Once you have styled the template you can re-use it as many times as you wish.

You do not need Canva pro for this but it will make it easier for you if you wish to use brand fonts.