These are our recommendations for tech and tools. Some are affiliate links so if you use them we might get a small commission which we can use to fund Laura M's diet coke addiction ūüėČ

Tools we use in our business.

Video hosting, captioning & video search tool (This is our favourite tool ever Рwe plan to use this even more in our business)

Scheduling content – we use Agorapulse.

Live Video (We stream into multiple places with Streamyard) There's $10 credit here for you.

Bonjoro (for sending personalised videos to customers)

Trello Рwe plan our whole business with this

Checkout РThrivecart Рwe use this for all our sales pages, for one-time pay, subscriptions, split pay and also affiliates. –¬†Rev's captions are always the most accurate. There's a $10 credit for new accounts here.¬†

Groupfunnels – we use this on all our Facebook groups to grow our email list.

Email software – we use ActiveCampaign.

Email capture – we love this tool, it has great analytics.

Canva Pro – we think all businesses should have a pro account.

Canva Templates – the viral marketing ones are really easy to use and make your own.


Physical products we use in our business

Video¬†lighting¬†–¬†we both use these and have one on either side of us.

Ring light¬†–¬†Laura M also has one of these but doesn't use it that much these days.

Microphone – we both use this one.

Wifi booster Laura M uses this one.

Wifi booster Laura D uses this one.

Computer display stand –¬† Laura M has her iMac on one of these.

Laptop tray – We love this for on the sofa etc.

90 day planner – we'll admit we aren't the best at planning but we use this planner to help us.

Apple pencil –¬†We are big fans of Apple and use a pencil with our iPads to write notes and draw with Procreate.

Noise-cancelling headphones – so we can concentrate on getting some work done!

iPhone tripod – Laura M just started using this fancy one!

Blue light filter – Laura M has one of these on her screen to avoid the need for blue light glasses. Really helps reduce headaches.

Business Books

Podcasts we love

Business Anchors by Dan & Lloyd Knowlton

Marketing that converts by Teresa Heath-Wareing

Marketing your business by Stu Mclaren

Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stenlzner

Smart Marketing Online with Kaity Griffin

The Email Marketing Show with Rob & Kennedy


Podcasts our members recommend

Social minds

Build your tribe

Girls in marketing


Local business marketing

The Jordan Harbinger Show

School for mothers

Glambition Radio

Doing it for the kids

Leaders with babies

The Juggle

Today in social media marketing

Make it British