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If a business can't see you, they can't hire you.

(and that's a problem)

You're a savvy social media manager ready to win clients. But you know that they're not going to come and find you if they don't know you exist.

You know you need to be showing up regularly, but being visible and showing up is scary AF.  

We get it, and we are on a mission to help you boost your confidence so you can confidently show up to your audience (no matter how big or small it is).

Over 5 days we are going to guide you through 5 simple tasks.. nothing scary, all easy to implement and all designed to grow your confidence in being more visible online so that potential clients can not only see you, but see you as the expert they want to work with.

Hi, We're the Lauras

Experienced social media managers, and founders of a community of more than 3000 social media managers.  We grew our own successful freelance businesses by being visible and showing up for the people who need us.

We are still in the trenches working with clients as well as supporting hundreds of social media pros to build their own successful businesses. 

Ready to start growing your confidence so you can show up on social and start winning clients?

    Take our 5 day challenge to boost your confidence in showing up so that potential clients can see you, learn from you and choose to work with you when they're looking for an expert. 

    You'll end the week with a renewed confidence to show up. And you'll have ideas on how to do that in a way that positions you as the expert… you might even end the week with the urge to start showing up more than ever!

    The 5 Day Visibility Challenge starts on Monday, come join us!

    Sign up for just £6 ($8)

    How does it work?

    Starting Monday we will drop you an email each day with one simple, easy to action challenge. We'll even hold you accountable to help you to implement the tasks. 

    Ready to transform your confidence in showing up?

    Join the challenge for just £6 ($8).

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