What do you do if a client says you are too expensive?

Discussions like this are often followed up with a negotiation with you ending up reducing your price and feeling a bit crap about that.

So what should you do when someone says they can’t afford your prices?

In our FREE guide we are going to tell you EXACTLY how to deal with a client who tells you your prices are too high, your proposal is too expensive and they just can't afford you.

Hi, We're the Lauras

We are the founders of The Hub and we've been in this business long enough to have dealt with a few pricing objections in our time!

We are still in the trenches, working with clients every day as well as supporting hundreds of social media pros to build their own successful businesses.

Are you ready to discover the 7 key things you should do the next time you face objections based on price?

If you are someone who questions their prices when drawing up a proposal, and worries that a client will say it's too much. So you end up reducing the cost before sending it, despite knowing your fee was right to start with. Then this is for you!

You can feel confident in your pricing because you'll know how to deal with objections if they come.

We've also included a handy printable poster to stash in your diary or stick on your wall so you can always respond quickly if a client pulls you up on price unexpectedly.

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