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Hi, we’re Laura Moore and Laura Davis – better known as The Two Lauras®.

We’re two highly-experienced social media marketing experts here to give you the skills, knowledge and resources to attract bigger and better paying clients and enjoy a reliable and consistent income.

Since 2019 we’ve built a community of thousands of freelance social media managers and created tools, trainings and resources to solve the unique challenges they face. 

We’d love you to join us and put the freedom back into your freelance life.

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Advice & support

The Inner Hub

Social media management can be a lonely game (especially when everyone thinks you’re just messing around on Instagram.) So, don’t struggle alone.
The Inner Hub membership is a diverse and friendly community where we provide training, support, masterclasses, laser coaching and exclusive member perks, including a members-only podcast.
And, unlike other memberships – that cater for a wide range of business owners – The Inner Hub is exclusively for freelance social media marketers like you.
Sound good?

Tools & templates inc.

The Toolkit

Get your hands on the original and best Social Media Managers Toolkit. 

Contains everything you need to launch and grow a profitable social media business inc: 

  • The 100% success rate proposal template
  • Our sought-after onboarding docs
  • Reporting templates
  • The ‘£100 audit’ template – for when you need extra cash fast!


social prf

Do you suck at your own social media? Do you put all your energy into growing your clients’ businesses but forget about your own?

Are you in need of a  (virtual) kick up the butt?

Then our top-selling social prf course is for YOU.

Exploring the 8 psychological triggers that impact social behaviour, you’ll learn the how to attract and win new high-paying clients and really stand out from the crowd.

This could be you…

The Inner Hub


Louise Burgoyne

Honestly, it's the best investment you'll ever make for your business. The value, expertise and support I receive on a monthly basis is second to none in our industry, and I can hand on heart say it pays for itself over and over in new business acquisition and increased experience and skills.

To coin The Lauras' own phrase when we are debating over anything… JFDI! You will not regret it!

The Toolkit


Emma Underwood

This toolkit is everything I knew I needed but didn't have time to complete for myself in the last 9 months! The work I have secured in the last 48 hours just by having this as a jumping off point means it has already paid for itself!

No matter if you are new to the world of freelance SMM or have been doing it for sometime you will find this toolkit useful for yourself and your clients. Buy it now!

social prf



social prf is the best investment. I’m learning so much and it’s making me really dig deep into my own, and my clients’, content to make it the best it can be.

After just two modules I’ve already seen a great increase in my own insights and engagement and my head is spinning with new ideas.

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