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More clients, more income, more organized, more professional, less stress – sound good?

Mind if we squeeze in here?

It’s a bit crowded in this social media manager market, isn’t it?

How’s anyone supposed to stand out? How do you find paying clients (who are also a joy to work with) and keep them onboard?

We’re Laura and Laura .

We’re both social media managers and we’re the founders of the Social Media Managers Hub Facebook group (1800+ members and growing fast). Our social media manager friends all seemed to struggle with the same group of problems:

  • How do I get more clients?
  • How do I price my services?
  • How do I look professional when pitching for, and working with clients?
  • How do I manage my client relationships?
Laura Moore & Laura Davis, co-founders of The Social Media Managers hub & creators of the social media managers toolkit.

So we decided to make your life as a social media manager a little easier by providing you with the things you need to attract bigger, and better paying clients to provide you with a reliable and consistent income.

The social media managers toolkit - review
Stop spending valuable time searching for the best way to present a proposal, or onboard a new client. Ditch the worry that others are more professional, giving more value, or doing better than you.
We’re giving you all the tools you need to find, onboard and work with clients in a professional way, that turns them into repeat customers.

You’ll be learning from our first hand industry experience as we’ve designed the social media manager's toolkit to help you navigate around the holes we fell straight into!


How Do I Make A Powerful First Impression With Professional-Looking Communications?

We’re starting here because this is the linchpin of the Social Media Manager’s Toolkit. There’s a lot of back and forth when working with a new client.
Plain black and white documents don’t exactly scream ‘I am worth investing in’. And if you’re not confident about the communications you're sending you’ll hold yourself back from pitching for clients and following up on leads.

So how do you make your communications deliver a stunning first impression?

And how do you make sure you haven’t missed anything? Have you included everything they’re expecting? Your own suite of templates would make this effortless. Get a new client, pop open your templates folder, pull out the required template, type in the details, et voila, you’re good to hit send. In minutes.

What’s that? Don’t have a suite of templates?

Well you could make your own – that could take you several (hundred) hours and bucket loads of tears (why won’t that text box line up with the image, how do I get all this to fit on one page anyway)….or you could just use ours.

Confidently give a professional first impression with these tried and trusted Client Onboarding templates.

  • Editable Proposal Template – Add your own information, photos, invoice terms, onboarding process and testimonials. Change the colours and fonts to match your brand. 
  • New Client Checklist – 6 things your client needs to have in place for you to be able to do your job. And 2 questions you need to ask them before you get started.
  • New Client Kick-off Questionnaire – Just copy and paste these questions into Google Forms or Typeform, and you’re ready to send out a professional information-gathering questionnaire to your new client. 
  • Invoice template – so you can quickly create professional looking invoices.
  • Client Management Trello Board – we set up the board so you can copy the system we use to manage our social media clients.
  • Competitions T&Cs Template – Adapt these T&Cs if your client asks you to run a competition on social media for them.
  • Results Reporting Template – Use to report progress on all channels for your retainer clients. 
I have only been working as a social media manager for 3 months after gaining my qualification.  So, I am still very much in the start-up stage where everything seems slightly overwhelming! The templates alone are worth the investment, and they were the selling point for me – they are so convenient and easily adaptable to your branding.

Sam Kirk
Social Media Manager

The social media managers toolkit - review


How Do I Get More Clients & What Do I Sell Them?

There are business out there that need your social media skills. Let’s find them, showcase your talents, and pitch irresistible services they’re eager to say ‘yes’ to.

Inside the Selling Your Services module you’ll find:

  • 7 income-generating ideas for your business – Try one, try them all, pick and choose the ideas that sound good for you.
  • Quick-fire guide to finding new clients – Works whether you’re just getting your business started, or you’re ready to add a new client to your existing business.
  • The 4 essentials you MUST have in place BEFORE you start taking on clients (plus  5 things that’ll make your life easier)
  • 8 ideas for content for your OWN social media platforms – because it’s so much harder to market your own business than someone else’s.
How to start a business as a social media manager - screenshot
How to get clients on Facebook as a social media manager - screen shot
  • Step-by-step guide to optimize your Facebook profile to attract and convert new clients.
  • Everything you need to sell and host a Power Hour so you can quickly generate £99+ for 60-minutes work.
  • Everything you need to complete a social media audit – sell as as stand alone service or use to pitch your SMM services to potential clients – incl. report template to send client.
  • Increase Your Income By Hosting Workshops – Including how to make it a sell-out success, how to host it, and a customizable presentation template.

… the social media manager's toolkit was exactly what I needed to get a new fresh view and kickstart. Especially the section about what we should be charging, made me realise that I have massively undercharged. So today I let a client go, that was paying too little and it feels great. If you get paid little they don't value the work you put in and what it takes. Thank you, Laura Moore and Laura Davis this was exactly what I needed. I am excited for what is to come! #icandoit.

Hete Harvey
Social Media Manager

The social media managers toolkit - review


How Do I Handle Client Relationships?

What if they have a complaint? What if they want to pay less? What if they want me all hours?
Those were the kind of questions that kept us up at night too, so we created a whole section to help you deal with the most common client challenges. Stop fretting about what might happen, and instead feel confident you have all the tools and skills to handle whatever comes up.

The Client Relationship module includes:

  • 7 stressful problems every social media manager faces at some point – training video to help you troubleshoot these common problems.
  • How to deal with push-backs on pricing (and how to avoid that happening in the first place).
  • How to handle rejection of your proposal.
  • How to give yourself a pay rise.
  • The right way to deal with complaints – no need to live in fear of this happening  because now you’ll know how to handle them professionally and successfully.
  • How to handle clients who provide no content for you to work with.
  • Dealing with demanding clients – including tackling scope creep, and 24/7 attention requests.
  • Late payment – how to avoid it, and how to deal with it when/if it happens.
The social media managers toolkit - screenshot

This kit has EVERYTHING a social media manager needs to hit the ground running. It is not just templates, but advice, ideas and training content from various industry experts (who have been there and done that) that give it that edge against anything else out there. All I can say is, this has everything you need – buy it!

Caroline Doyle
CDF Marketing Consultancy


How Do I Set My Prices?

Setting your prices can be a nightmare balancing act. You have no idea what everyone else charging.
You don’t want to look embarrassingly cheap. But you don’t want to be so expensive they laugh out loud at your proposal. How does anyone ever get this right?

The Pricing & Increasing Your Income Module includes:

  • Essential steps to setting your pricing so you’re actually charging what you’re worth (not just plucking a number out of thin air, then arguing with yourself as you slowly whittle it down to a much smaller number).
  • How much you should actually charge for: local business with local clients; businesses with national/international clients; and agencies + setting day rates.
  • How to get to your first £1k month (and then reach £2k per month).
  • How to add affiliate income to your business.
How much to charge for social media services - The social media managers toolkit screenshot

I'm bloody lovin' the toolkit, it's amazing!! I haven't even finished looking through it yet but the pricing bit alone is the kind of honest and straightforward advice I've been looking for, for the last year!

Sam Mason
Social Media Manager

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Running And Growing Your Online Business

In this BONUS module we cover all the other grown-up stuff involved in running a business.

All the numbers .

Getting A Grip On Finance and Accounting – with Laura Moss, professional accountant from Smart Online Accountants.

  • 4 essential steps when getting your business started to get your finance records on-track.
  • Business expenses – how to pay less tax by tracking these allowable business expenses.
  • Should you be a limited company – how to know when the time is right?

Plus – Financial Recording Template – Track you income and expenses month-by-month with this spreadsheet created by a professional accountant (Laura D’s husband). 

*This advice is based on UK tax regulations & may not apply overseas.
The social media managers toolkit - bonus

Your online home .

Beginner’s Guide To Getting Your Own Website (whether your choose to outsource or DIY) – with Joe Purnell, from 1935 Design.

  • Essential steps to getting your own website – including choosing DIY vs Designer.
  • Setting up the basics – including domain name, web hosting and email, and deciding if you need an SSL certificate or not.
  • Installing WordPress, logging in, and the first changes you need to make before you start building.
  • Installing the Divi theme so you can use drag & drop functions to build your website.
  • Installing a pre-made page layout and customizing it.
  • Building your first web page from scratch (not using a pre-made layout).
  • Sizing images correctly and the impact this has on your website’s performance.

Plus – Things to consider if you’re considering building your website with Wix (hint….please don’t do it).

The social media managers toolkit - review

Writing Your Freelance Website – with copywriter and content creator, Sophie Livingstone.

2 simple exercises to kick-start your website content, so you can write your own web copy.
The social media managers toolkit - review

Understanding And Using Google Analytics To Grow Your Business with Vicki Jakes, Online Marketing and Website Optimisation Consultant

  • Step-by-step guide to installing Google Analytics on your website.
  • Understanding and interpreting the data captured about your website.
  • Using the data to build better understand your audience, so you can pitch and sell to more people.
The social media managers toolkit - review

Managing your mindset and productivity .

9 productivity tips every SMM should know (especially if you work from home).

Amazing Apps – Unlock this tech power – 30+ apps and tools to help you manage your business, create your content, and master your mindset.

Effective Time Management – with brand strategist and expert un-muddler, Amanda Appiagyei.

The social media managers toolkit - review

Level up .

8 resources to help you level up in your business.

12 Podcasts we tune into for hands-free learning (listen while you commute, cook, fold laundry)

Managing Agency Processes – How to manage the 6 key processes needed to grow your social media agency – with Andy Lambert, from ContentCal.

The social media managers toolkit - ContentCal

The complete guide to hiring your first virtual assistant – with Claire Grace, founder of The Assistant Quarters:

  • How to hire the right person for your business.
  • Getting started with your new working relationship.
  • How to release the reins and delegate effectively.
  • How to handle it when things aren’t working out.
The social media managers toolkit - expert

12 PR Tips To Grow Your SMM Business – with PR expert and founder of Boss Your PR, Fiona Minett.

The social media managers toolkit - bonus

GDPR for social media managers .

With experienced Digital Manager, Allison Christie

  • What is GDPR and what does it mean for your business?
  • 4 essential terms you need to understand: Personal, Sensitive Data, Data Controllers, Data Processors.
  • Impact of GDPR on insurance and contracts.
  • The 6 legal bases for processing personal data.
  • How to track and secure the data within your business.
  • How to correctly handle and store personal data.
  • How to manage personal data when you end a client relationship.
  • Impact of GDPR on your Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.
  • The legal rights individuals have regarding information you hold about them and how to respond to requests.
  • How to deal with data breaches.
GDPR for social media managers

I wish it had been available when I was starting out, it would have freed up so much time. This incredible toolkit contains everything you need to get your business off the ground and offers unparalleled value for money. I wish it had been available when I was starting out, it would have freed up so much time and allowed me to hit the ground running. Thanks to Laura and Laura you can be assured that you are getting the best advice and support in the biz.

Kirstin Chaplin
Social Media Manager

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The social media managers toolkit - review


I’m brand new - is this for me?

YES! This toolkit will turbo-charge the start of your social media management business, giving you the resources and confidence to find, and win clients that will pay you what you deserve.

I’ve been running my business for a while - is this for me?
Do you ever worry your customer-facing documents aren’t impressive or professional enough? Do you wonder how to set or raise your prices? Do you fret over potential client relationship problems? Would you like to have more clients? Charge more? Offer a wider range of services? Yes? Then yes, the Toolkit is for you.

One of the best business investments I have made. I’ve been running my own business for the past 10 months and with over 20+ years experience in marketing, I didn’t really think I needed a toolkit. However, I was curious about the hype and decided to go ahead and purchase… I can honestly say I have been more proactive for my business in the last week since buying it than I have been in the last 10 months. It’s definitely up there as one of the best business investments I have made.

Caroline Doyle
Social Media Manager

Does this pack contain everything I need to get started?
Yes… We’ve given you various templates including a client proposal, strategy, invoice and even a guide for clients on how to make the most of their power hour with you.
How do the templates fit in with my business branding?
The templates are all built in Canva and are fully customisable so you can ensure they stay within your brand style. We’ve even included a short training video to help you to customise them.
What if I don't have any clients yet?
We’ve got you covered. Our in-depth guide gives you advice and ideas on how to get your first clients.
What if I already have clients?
This set up pack gives you what you need to grow your business. Our in-depth guide includes information about getting more clients, and increasing your monthly income.
Are there any additional costs?

The toolkit costs £358 including VAT where applicable. Any existing materials which are updated in future will not be charged. We may from time to time include additional resources as well, some may be free and others could be chargeable but will always be optional. We aim to include additional perks to toolkit owners in the future so keep an eye out for those.


Do I have access to everything straight away?
Yes! You have access immediately and can get stuck in as soon as you are ready. But with 12 months access you can come back and access the resources at anytime.
Will this teach me how to be a social media manager?
No. This is a toolkit to help you to build your business once you have the skills needed to run social media for your clients.
Who is this toolkit designed for?
Anyone who provides social media management services for their clients.
I'm not based in the UK, is this still useful for me?

Yes. The Social Media Managers Toolkit is relevant for all social media pros regardless of where you live.

The finance and accounts bonus is based on UK tax regulations although the general advice will still be relevant. The GDPR bonus information is based on European regulations and may not apply if you are not based in, or working with clients in Europe.

How can I be sure the toolkit gives me what I need?
We want to make sure you get what you need so feel free to drop us an email to ask any questions before you buy. [email protected]