2022/23 Instagram Image Sizes [Cheatsheet]

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The most up-to-date image size specifications for Instagram. If we had a dollar every time Instagram changed the sizes for images or videos, we would be buying an island with no wifi and sipping a cocktail in the sun right now! Instagram image sizes for 2022 Instagram Post Sizes (feed images) Instagram Carousel Image Sizes … Read more

Create The Perfect Link In Bio For Instagram Or TikTok

This article contains affiliate links. Having an Instagram link in bio is a no-brainer for anyone marketing their business there. But most are boring! The link in bio should give visitors an experience similar to being on your website. After all, that’s the first impression a potential client will have of you. But, whilst most … Read more

The Algorithm Isn’t The Reason Your Engagement Has Dropped

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If you’ve noticed a lack of engagement on your social media content, then you might be panicking about how the latest algorithm updates will affect your clients and what you should do about it. But the truth is that the biggest reason most marketers fail is that they are too focused on the algorithm. Being … Read more

5 Tweaks To Make To Your Website This Week

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When was the last time you looked at your website with a critical eye? It’s easy to forget how important this piece of internet real estate is for your business. But, it’s the first place a potential client is likely to get to know you outside of the social platforms, so it is important your … Read more

How to increase your podcast listeners with a Searchie podcast hub

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A Searchie podcast hub can make your podcast even more irresistible by making your content easy to consume and helping your podcast listeners return to past episodes to find content that’s highly relevant to them. The problem with podcasts is that, as a listener, you probably listen on the go, maybe in your car or … Read more

How to transition from being a VA to offering social media management

If you work as a virtual assistant, your clients likely need more than just administrative support. Adding social media management services to your business is a great way to bring in more revenue and support them in achieving their goals. With businesses leaning increasingly on social media platforms to reach their target customers, there is … Read more

Take a 30-day social media challenge

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We’re also talking about something that we do to really get to grips with how a platform works, discover what content works and how we can get better results there. The best way to get to learn how a social media platform works is to go all-in and use it consistently. That’s why were are … Read more

The Social Media Managers Guide To Accessing Client Platforms

When you start managing social media accounts for clients, one of the first things you’ll need to do is secure access to their platforms. It can feel a bit daunting if you haven’t done it before – or it’s been a while. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. When you download The Social Media Managers … Read more