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Freelance Social Media Managers

Each week Laura Moore & Laura Davis share tips, advice, opinions, ideas, and lessons learnt from decades of experience as freelance marketers. If you’re working as a freelancer and ready to learn how to build a business you love…then THIS is the podcast for you!

Everything that comes out of the mouths of The Two Lauras is worth listening to. So, if you're a freelance social media manager, buckle up, you're in for a treat!.
Finally!!!! I can’t wait for everyone to hear what these legends have to say - my business took a huge turn after joining The Inner Hub & I’ve never looked back. If you’re a freelance social media pro, you need to listen to this podcast… now!
I’ve been waiting for the two Lauras to launch a podcast!! Their straight talking, no BS approach is exactly what this industry needs.
Such a great podcast! Listened while on a ferry.
I am so excited for the launch of this podcast
The Two Lauras have THE answers to the questions every freelancing social media asks themselves!  They've loads of experience between them and they've built several successful businesses for themselves, and their clients. Even better, they're straightforward, entertaining and an absolute JOY of a double-act to listen to. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!
Loved the recent podcast
Just wanted to comment that I love your podcasts... feels like you are in the office having an honest chat with me and passing on really helpful tips

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