4 Tools All Social Media Managers Should Invest In

by | Oct 31, 2019

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Social media managers have so many tools available to make their lives easier, but with so much choice comes a lot of confusion. 

How do you know whether you need it, will it actually make life easier? Is it worth the money?

We think there are 4 key areas you need to invest in when it comes to your business.  These areas ensure your work is as easy and productive as it can be, that you are offering great solutions to your clients and you can continue to increase your income as time passes.

The 4 areas we think every social media manager should invest in.

#1: A great scheduling tool

Scheduling content for your clients will undoubtedly make your life easier.  But which one should you choose? There are tons of free options of course but your options will be limited and you might struggle with a lack of features unless you upgrade.

We personally use Agorapulse which has great features and its reporting is the best we've found. We are affiliates as we love it so much and have managed to convince them to give you a free trial and 2 months on your preferred plan just click here to take advantage of that offer.

#2:  Tools that make you look good!

We aren't talking make-up artists and filters here!  We know there are certain tools out there that will make you look good to your clients because it will bring them quick results.  One thing that your clients should be focused on is growing their email list, if they're not then you should be educating them as to why this is so important.

But growing their list can be time consuming and if they need paid ads, it can be expensive too.  But we grow our list without too much hassle as we use a Facebook group. If your client is using groups to grow their audience, imagine how impressed they'll be when you help them grow their list too!

Here's how:

Add joining questions to the Facebook group. One of the questions should if they'd like to join the list (worded way better than that) and include a link to the privacy policy (for GDPR)

1. Create a google sheet to store all that information.

2. Create an automation using Zapier to push people from the google sheet to their email provider.

3. Use GroupFunnels to link the group to the google sheet! Now every time you approve a new member to the group, their details are automatically stored!

GroupFunnels has saved us hours and made us look super proficient to our clients. It's an investment but it's definitely paid for itself!

Here's our affiliate link to GroupFunnels so you can find out more about it and lock in at a lifetime rate so you'll not have to pay again.  If you are managing multiple clients, this tool works on multiple groups which means even more time savings to be made!

We also think it's important to add captions to your and your clients videos and highly recommend Rev.com for that. We've even got a $10 credit for you to try it out just click here and it'll be applied automatically (this only works on new accounts).


#3:  Tools for your own business

We weren't going to write a list of tools social media managers need and not include The Social Media Managers Toolkit were we!  We are all about making your life as a social media manager a little easier by providing you with the things you need to attract bigger, and better paying clients to provide you with a reliable and consistent income.

The toolkit means you can stop spending valuable time searching for the best way to present a proposal, or onboard a new client. Ditch the worry that others are more professional, giving more value, or doing better than you.

It includes all the tools you need to find, onboard and work with clients in a professional way, that turns them into repeat customers.  Find out more about the toolkit here

#4: Ongoing training

Social media platforms are constantly changing, but so is how people use them. So it is important to keep up with the times and invest in ongoing learning. Not just so you can stay at the top of your game as a social media marketer but also so you can offer the services clients need and ensure your income increases too.

Facebook ads are one of the most complicated parts of social media marketing. Paid traffic is definitely something you should invest in learning how to use regardless of whether you want to be a full time ads strategist, or simply offer it as a top up service to current clients.  We offer a 6 week Facebook ads course which you can find out about here, you can also learn a lot about advertising on Facebook and Instagram via the free Facebook blueprint.

For ongoing learning and development we'd recommend a mixture of in depth courses, and one off trainings to keep you on top of your game.  This is something we invest in regularly ourselves and have seen the benefits pay off time and again.


We have used affiliate links in this blog which may provide us with a small commission but will not affect your purchase.  We only recommend products and services we truly believe in and have tried ourselves.


by Laura Moore

Laura is the co-founder of The Social Media Managers Hub and also supports businesses to grow their audience and generate leads with Facebook ads.