How to pay for the social media managers toolkit

by | Aug 29, 2019

So you know you want (need) The Social Media Managers Toolkit but right now you don't think you can afford it?


We get it, its an investment that needs some consideration. But we know how valuable the toolkit is to your business. So we are want to help you to buy it!

What??!! Yep, that's how much we think you should have it.  We are willing to put in the effort to help you raise the funds to buy it.  So we're giving you 4 ideas with clear steps you can do right now to bring some quick cash into your business.

Of course, these tips will work whether you want to buy The Toolkit or not!

Watch the video or read the blog… both give the same steps and advice.

One: Sell your skills.


You are an expert right? Otherwise people wouldn't want you to be their social media manager at all.  But you will also have a number of people in your network who are either never going to hire a social media manager, or who can't afford to right now.  These are the people you can sell to right now.

When Laura M needed to bring some quick cash into her business last year she hosted an online Instagram stories training and with very little promotion brought over £500 into her business in under 2 weeks.  Here's how you can do that right now.Pick your topic.  Make it simple, don't over complicate things or you'll put people off.  That's why the instagram stories training worked so well, it focused purely on one thing.

  1. Set your price. To buy The Toolkit you only need £299 so if that's your goal, work backwards when setting your price.  It might be tempting to sell this for as little as £10, but that means you'll need to find 30 people to hit your target and it might be easier to find less people at a higher price. Remember to value your time and expertise. You are the expert and these people need you!

    Need to make a little extra? Why not offer a VIP option as well with an additional extra.  Maybe a limited number of 30 min 1:1's with you on something related to the training.  If you only sold one VIP you could still increase your income.

  2. Set a date and time. Remember that your audience may work full time so lunch times or evenings can work well.  And you can also offer a recording to people who can't join live.
  3. Promote it. Send a personal invitation to people who you know will benefit from this.  Promote it on all your platforms and to your email list.  Keep promoting it until you have enough people.
  4. Buy The Toolkit.  Once you've hit your target, buy The Toolkit.  This will provide you with the slides to adapt to host the training so you don't even need to do any prep work before you sell the training!
  5. Hold the training.
  6. Sell the recording to make extra money afterwards if you haven't hit your target.


Two:  Get your client to pay for it.


You already know that the toolkit provides you with templates and tips to be able to provide various services including:

  • Strategy
  • Audits
  • Power Hours
  • Workshops

You know that as soon as The Toolkit is in your hands you'll be able to confidently provide these services to clients.  So why not find the clients now?  Getting payment in advance means the client is paying for The Toolkit to allow you to provide them with the service they need.

Once they have paid your invoice you can grab The Toolkit and start work!  The templates will make all of this far easier for you and you'll be able to present your strategy or audit etc in a professional way which could lead to more work.


Three: Become an affiliate


We offer an affiliate scheme for the toolkit which gives you 10% for every sale made via your unique link. You can become an affiliate once you have invested in The Toolkit and could make the cost of it in no time.  One of our affiliates has made over £850 so far!

There's plenty of options out there for affiliate schemes so go find something your network will want or need and see if you can be an affiliate for that too.


Four: An offer they can't refuse


Rather than trying to find new customers, put together a really attractive deal or offer that you can send out to your existing ones. These are your hottest leads, they already love you, and have bought from you so they know the quality of what you offer.  They will feel special because you're only offering this to them.

There’s a really good chance that your clients will want to take advantage of this offer, even if they don't need it right now, Because it's a really good deal, that you know they need.  Put a deadline on the offer to encourage them to make a quick decision.

More clients, more income, more organized, more professional, less stress – sound good?


by Laura Moore

Laura is the co-creator of The Social Media Managers Toolkit and also runs her own business as a Facebook marketing strategist.