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How to Niche Your Freelance Social Media Biz: A No-Nonsense Guide

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Two freelancers who joined forces in 2019 to share straight-talking advice to help you grow your business.

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Deciding to niche down in your freelance social media business is a great idea. But the big question is, what's next? How exactly can you make it work? Let's dive into the essential steps you should take.

1. Nail Your Messaging

The Importance:

Clear and consistent messaging is crucial. Every word you put out there—from your website to social platforms—should speak directly to your niche so they know, without doubt, that YOU are the one they should be working with.


  • Revise your website's “About Me” and “Services” pages.
  • Update your social media bios to echo your niche.
  • Rethink your existing email templates to align with your niche focus.

2. Be a Real Human, Engage!

The Importance

Authenticity wins. Skip the robotic sales pitch and start engaging naturally with folks in your niche to build relationships with people who could become future clients or introduce you to others who might.


  • Identify key players in your niche.
  • Carve out 15-20 minutes a day to engage with them: like, share, comment (social media managers should not outsource this vital piece of the marketing strategy by the way!)

3. Get Those Referrals 🤩

The Importance

Word of mouth still rules. Referrals are like gold in this business, but they are only a great marketing strategy if you're asking for them.


4. Create Niche Content 📝

The Importance

Content is king, and niche-specific content is the crown jewel. It can position you as an authority in your niche and ensure people remember you so they come back to you when they're ready to hire, and say your name when someone else needs help.


  • Create a niche-focused content calendar.
  • Make any generic content niche relevant simply by adding the niche audience into the hook or caption.
  • Mix it up: blogs, videos, infographics. Keep the content fresh and relevant.

5. Optimise for SEO

The Importance

Good SEO ensures you're easily discoverable by people in your niche who are actively looking for what you offer.


  • Update your Google My Business listing with relevant keywords.
  • Revise your website's meta descriptions and tags to include niche-specific keywords.
  • Remember the importance of SEO on social media content

6. Build Relationships with agencies and other freelancers.

The Importance

Agencies and freelancers who already service your niche can be a valuable source of steady work. Often agencies struggle to hold on to great marketers and need help from freelancers while other freelancers who are overwhelmed with clients might need help serving them. Building these relationships can benefit you both.


7. Contribute to Niche Groups and Communities

The Importance

Being active in online communities related to your niche not only builds your reputation but also gets you in front of potential clients.


  • Find 2-3 online groups where your niche audience hangs out.
  • Update your Facebook group profile to speak to your niche audience.
  • Be a regular contributor: share tips, answer questions, offer insights.
  • Become the most helpful person in the community.


And there you have it—a no-nonsense guide for niching down your freelance social media business. Follow these steps, and you'll go from ‘just another freelancer’ to a recognised authority in your niche.

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