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This blog may contain affiliate links.

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You want to learn how to use Facebook (Meta) ads to promote your own business and offer as a service to your social media clients. But there are so many options for Facebook ads training available these days that it's almost impossible to know which one is right for you.

What are the best courses for Facebook ads?

In no particular order, the best courses for learning Facebook ads in 2024 are:

  1. Facebook (Meta) Blueprint
  2. Foxwell Digital
  3. Jon Loomer Power Hitters Club
  4. Jodie Millwards Advisory
  5. Depesh Mandalia's 7-figure Meta Ads Playbook
  6. Rachel Fallon's 90-day ADvance training
  7. Ads Manager Academy® (part of The Social Media Manager's Toolkit)

Learn Meta (Facebook) ads for free.

If you want to use Meta (Facebook) ads for your business or as an additional service for your social media clients, a short self-study course is likely the way to go.

You might not want to invest too much time in learning in case you find it's something you don't need or don't enjoy. There is some excellent free training, available from Meta (Facebook) itself.

The Meta (Facebook) Ads Blueprint is a free self-paced Meta (Facebook) ads programme with step-by-step tutorials to help you build your digital marketing knowledge.

If you already have a basic understanding of boosting posts or are creating simple ads and want to enhance your knowledge to get more eyes on your campaigns, a power hour with an experienced Meta (Facebook) ads manager might be all you need.

Check out our Meet The Social Pro directory to hire a Meta (Facebook) Ads manager.

Invest in paid Meta (Facebook) ads training.

If you are serious about learning to manage Meta (Facebook) ads for businesses, you should invest in focused training which covers everything you need to know to manage client budgets.

These are the best courses, programmes and memberships on the market delivered by the best Meta (Facebook) Ads managers worldwide.

Join Ads Manager Academy®

Ads Manager Academy is the ultimate programme for social media marketers who want to become paid ads managers or offer Facebook ads to their social media management clients.

Hundreds of students have completed the Ads Manager Academy® programme since its launch in 2019.

The self-study programme teaches you everything you need to become a fully-fledged Facebook ads manager, including managing budgets and funnels. The Ads Manager Toolkit also provides everything you need to find and work with clients as an ads manager and is included as a bonus when you enrol.

The great news is that you get full, lifetime access to both of these inside The Social Media Managers Toolkit, along with business training and our organic social media marketing programme.

Jodie Millward's Advisory

Advisory trains people to manage Facebook and Instagram Ads for Coaches, Course Creators and Service Providers. $297 for 12 months of access.

Foxwell Digital

Foxwell digital offers a variety of courses for all different skill levels with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on each. There is also a membership to support experienced ads managers. Join from $97

Jon Loomer's Power Hitters Club

The Power Hitters Club is a community for Facebook marketers to share, learn and help one another – $147 monthly

Depesh Mandalia's 7-figure Meta Ads Playbook

This is a more advanced programme for experienced ads managers. The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook + The BPM Method Bundle – $1254

Rachel Fallon's 90-day ADvance training

Rachel is a highly experienced ads manager and a good friend of the two Lauras. We highly recommend her programme if you prefer to invest in 1:1 training- find out more about 1:1 intensive training 

How to choose the best Meta (Facebook) ads programme

Choosing a course provider is a very personal choice. And while some of your decisions will be budget-based, there will be other vital considerations to consider before investing in the next level of learning.

So here is our guide for social media managers when choosing a Meta (Facebook) ads training course – although this applies to any programme you might be looking for.

Five things to consider when looking for Meta (Facebook) Ads training

#1 – Do you even need to take a Meta (Facebook) ads course?

If you want to manage Meta (Facebook) ads for a client, the simple answer to this is probably a simple yes; you need paid media training.

If you offer Meta (Facebook) ads as a service, you should ensure you understand how to get a good ROI. It’s not as simple as hitting the boost button and hoping for the best!

#2 – Do you like the host of the Meta  (Facebook) Ads training?

It might sound silly, but it’s crucial to find a tutor you like and can relate to. If you invest money in someone you can’t relate to or don’t like to listen to, you’ll quickly tune out.

But you also need to consider whether they truly are an expert in Meta (Facebook) ads and are still managing ad campaigns now. This is crucial because things change with regard to Meta (Facebook) ads almost daily. And any trainer who doesn’t still manage client accounts won’t have their finger on the pulse and could be giving you out-of-date information.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ensure they are not just training Meta (Facebook) ads and do manage them daily themselves too.

On that note, it would be wise to check that they are getting results for their clients and their students so you know they know more than just the theory of managing ads.

#3 – How long does learning Meta (Facebook) Ads take?

Because Meta (Facebook) ads change constantly, you’ll probably never be done learning!  But when choosing a course, we'd encourage you to consider how long you can commit to a programme before investing in one.

Be realistic here. Over-committing yourself is a surefire way to push your learning down your list of priorities, and once you fall behind, it's tricky to catch up.

For some people, a 12-week course is a frustrating experience as it’s a long time to commit to, particularly if the content is only dripped out weekly.

But for others, 12 weeks might seem more manageable.

We’d advise you to consider not only the number of hours you need to commit to learning the theory of Meta (Facebook) ads but also the length of the course and how long it takes to get enough information to implement what you’ve learnt.

#4 – What is the best way to learn Meta (Facebook) ads?

This will come down to personal preference, and you might want to consider a few things about the format of the training.

Do you prefer to learn in a group environment or 1:1 basis?

Do you want to learn at your own pace, or would you be happy to wait until you can join a group programme?

If you need support and a community to learn best, a live Meta (Facebook) ads course might work better than an off-the-shelf evergreen course.

#5 – How much can you invest in a Meta (Facebook) ads course?

Ongoing training and development is an excellent business investment, and we would recommend all freelancers look at ways to enhance their knowledge.

But when it comes to training courses, more expensive does NOT mean better training.

If the only way you can enrol in a course is by getting yourself into debt, then you are just adding unnecessary stress to your learning experience, and we would highly recommend you do not do that.

As a side note, anyone telling you to put the cost of a course on a credit card should be avoided at all costs – this is not uncommon in the Meta (Facebook) ads training sector.

People also ask…

What is the best Facebook ads course with certification?

The best Facebook ads course with certification is a trick question! There is only one official certification for Meta ads, which is Meta's own certification. However, their free programme is not the best and you may be better off investing in paid training if you plan to manage Facebook ads for clients.

Meta Certification

Meta offers certification to help you stand out in the job market by showing proof of advanced level competency in the digital advertising industry. However, it is less relevant for freelancers and needs to be updated every 12 months. Cost – from £120

Ads Manager Academy

Upon completion of the Ads Manager Academy® programme, you'll receive the graduation badge to display on your website and social media. This badge is also used to help businesses identify freelance ads managers on the Meet The Social Pro® directory.

What is a good advanced Facebook ads course?

The best advanced Facebook ads course is Ads Manager Academy® which covers everything you need to know to confidently provide Meta (Facebook) ads as a service to paying clients as a freelance ads manager.


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