How To Choose The Right Facebook Ads Training For You

by | Feb 25, 2020

How to choose the right Facebook™️ ads training (for YOU.)

You want to learn how to use Facebook™️ ads, but there are so many great courses out there these days  it's almost impossible to know which is right for you.

So how do you choose the best Facebook™️ Ads training course for YOU when you need it?

Choosing a course provider is a very personal choice. And while some of your decision will be budget based, there will be other key considerations to think about before investing in the next level of learning.

So here is our quick fire guide to choosing a Facebook™️ ads training course (although this applies to all courses really!)

4 things to consider when choosing a course.

#1 – Do you like the tutor(s)?

Sounds silly but it’s really important to find a tutor that you not only like but can also relate to. So make sure you pick a trainer whose feet are on the ground and can relate to where you want to be. 

But you also need to consider are they an expert? Do you trust their knowledge? Are they experienced in using Facebook ads as well the theory of getting good results?

#2 – Have you got the time required to make the most of the course?

Be realistic here. Over committing yourself is a sure fire way to push your learning down your list of priorities and once you fall behind it's tricky to catch up. 

Consider not only the amount of hours you need to commit to undertake the learning but also the length of the course and how long it takes to get to the end result.

#3 – How do you like to learn?

Do you want to learn at your own pace or do you work better when there is a structure and some accountability and support? If you like the support and community vibe then a live Facebook™️ ads course might work better for you than an off the shelf evergreen course.

#4 – Can you justify the cost?

Courses are a great investment but contrary to popular belief, more expensive doesn't actually mean better. And if the only way you can enrol in a course is by getting yourself into debt then you are just adding unnecessary stress to your learning experience.

It's the time and effort you put into learning that will make the difference, not just how much it cost you.

As a side note, anyone telling you to put the cost of a course on a credit card should be avoided at all costs!

Which Facebook™️ Ads TRAINING course is THE best for you?

This will depend hugely on where you are in your career as a business owner or social media manager, whether you've used ads before and also what you why you want to learn about Facebook™️ ads.

So we'll break it down into 4 key stages of learning so you'll know what key elements to look out for in your course choices. 

#1 – You're a complete beginner when it comes to using ads.

If you want to use Facebook™️ ads for your own business, or as an additional service for your social media clients then a short, (possibly live), course is likely to be the way to go. You might not want to invest too much time incase you find it's actually something you don't need or don't enjoy.

You'll want to ensure you have lifetime access to course materials to refer back to in the future, ideally the course materials will be updated as Facebook™️ changes so often.

You will benefit from hands on support from the tutor & will want to have somewhere you can ask questions when things get confusing. 

You'll want to find a course that leaves you confident to create on-going, short term and one off ad campaigns with small budgets but with the knowledge to do more if you want / need to.

#2 – You have used boosts and dabbled with ads but aren't confident or haven't achieved great results (yet.)

If you have a basic level of understanding of ads and want to enhance your knowledge so you can use them for your own, or your client's businesses then either a live or evergreen course could work for you.

You'll be looking for a course that covers the basics to ensure your basic knowledge is up to date, but with the next level of training too. You'll want to dive deep into targeting and retargeting, get to grips with creating ads that convert and building funnels.

Evergreen courses allow you to join at anytime so you could level up at exactly the point you need to, but often don't provide support throughout the training. The downside of evergreen courses is that there's often no support and they aren't always up to date.

Live courses are always our preference as you not only get the support from the trainers but also the community of other students training alongside you. Plus there is a level of accountability to ensure you get the most out of the course.

Live support will also mean you can get feedback on ads you've run in the past so you can start to understand why they may not have performed as well as you'd expected. You'll also be looking for guidance on ads campaigns you create with your new knowledge.

You'll want to ensure that the course will result in more confidence spending money on Facebook ads and knowing how to get great results from them. 

#3 – You're comfortable using facebook™️ ads but want some hands on time with an expert to level up & get another set of eyes on your campaigns.

If this is you then a power hour or two with an experienced ads strategist might be the way to go to get personalised support and advice on the campaigns you are already spending money on.

This will give you the level of support needed to walk you through your existing ads, troubleshoot and see what might need to change to get some better results.

But there is only so much you can cover in 60 minutes so this might be more suitable for someone with a basic knowledge of ads manager. Although, this can also be a great way to get the basics and start to understand how ads manager functions before delving into a full course.

#4 – You are confident & successfully using ads. But want to level up even more.

If this is you then you're probably at that stage where you want to niche down to focus on a particular industry, or work with a particular type of client. You might be ready to niche into lead gen, or only want to work with clients who have budgets for more complex funnels.

You might have found that while the creative side makes you feel alive the data brings you out in a cold sweat. So leveling up in the creative and copy might be the way to go.

Whatever it is you now want to focus on there will be someone out there supporting you to take that next step.

But bear in mind it might not be a Facebook™️ ads course that you need at this stage. It might be copy-writing, data analysis, or something else entirely. You might be at the stage where a business coach would benefit you more than any further ads training.

 is our Facebook™️ Ads course right for you?


That depends! Firstly, do you like us? If so then that's a good start as we'll be supporting you throughout the 6 weeks you'll be learning. We are ever present in our community groups and don't hire in outsiders as we prefer to support you ourselves.

If you want to learn from experts who manage ads for themselves and their clients then we are perfect for you! Between us we have over 18 years experience in social media marketing!

We work with a variety of clients on both ecomm and lead generation campaigns as well as using ads for our own business and we get great results.

Laura D even generated leads of over £1.2million for one client in 2019!

So, we know what is working right now. We are in the trenches, dealing with the latest changes in Facebook ads and don't just teach you the theory (although that is important too!).

Can you spare 2 hours a week? That's the minimum we'd suggest you need to allow for making your way through the course materials and attending the weekly calls. Of course the more time you put into it the more you will get out so if you have more available time then get into the Facebook™️ group regularly as you'll learn from other students questions as much as your own.

We'll give you lifetime access to the course materials. Provide the accountability you need to complete the course and the support to ensure you get the best results from it.

Will you learn more on more other well known courses or expensive courses? Probably not.

We've deliberately kept our course costs down to ensure it is accessible to small business owners and social media managers or VA's looking to up-skill. The cost doesn't mean that we don't cover everything you need to know about using Facebook™️ ads.  We do!  Our lessons cover everything from the very basics for beginners right up to retargeting, funnels, audience building and much more.

Do you fall into phase #1 or #2 above? If so our course is probably right for you.

If you fall into phase #3 then we both offer 1:1 training and if you fall into phase #4 we can probably guide you to someone more able to help you.

Will you know as much as other ads strategists when you complete the course? Yes.

Yes. This is a 6 week intense course designed to ensure you'll know everything you need to in order to manage successful advertising campaigns.

However, it's the practice and experience that sets a great ads strategist apart from the rest. So that bit is up to you!

We will ensure you complete the course armed with the confidence and knowledge to be able to use Facebook ads for your own business, or your client's. Plus be able to offer 1:1 training and workshops to other business owners to increase your income further.

But if there is an element you feel is missing then we can certainly look to add it in the future.

You probably won't need to take additional courses until you are ready to take the next step in niching your skills and move into phase #4 above.

And once you've completed the training you'll gain access to our exclusive grads group where you'll get ongoing peer support.