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One of the most common problems social media freelancers share with us is needing a new client but not having a clue what to do next.

This article will detail the exact steps we would take if we needed a client today (based on the exact steps we've taken every time we've had this issue ourselves!)

PRO TIP: Bookmark this article for the next time you need it!

10 steps to getting your long-term next client

  1. Show up on social media every single day
  2. Follow up with warm or lost leads
  3. Follow up with past management clients
  4. Follow up with other short term clients
  5. Ask for referrals
  6. Build relationships with complementary freelancers
  7. Turn on group notifications
  8. Email your list
  9. Use a launch strategy
  10. Repeat over and over again!

#1: Show up on your social channels every single day.

We believe to our core, that social media freelancers should be actively promoting their own businesses on social media all the time. But when you have space for a new client, it's time to go HARD on content! If you usually only post a few times a week, ramp it up to daily. If you're already a daily poster, add in additional content or spend more time on engagement.

Don't even think about telling us you don't have time… if you have time for a client, you have time for this 😉

#2: Follow up with lost/warm leads

All those people you've spoken to in the past but never converted… go back to them! If they had a problem back then, the chances are they still have the problem!

Inner Hub members tip: use the 5-minute follow-up email template in the member's hub.

#3: Follow up with past management clients

If you would consider working with old clients again, now is the time to get in touch with them to see if they need your help again. These clients already know how you work, so they're likely to convert quickly if they do need you.

#4: Follow up with anyone you've delivered short-term services to.

If you offer audits, strategies, power hours or any other short-term 1:1 services, it's time to reach out and see how you can help them more. Do they need help implementing the strategy you wrote? Maybe they want more strategic advice based on your audit or would prefer you to take it all off their hands following a training session.

#5: Ask for referrals.

Your existing clients and anyone you've worked with in the past already know how awesome you are, so it's time to ask them for a referral to their contacts. People WANT to be helpful, but sometimes they just need a nudge to do it, so don't sit around waiting for them to refer you without being prompted!

The same goes for friends, family and even your social media connections. Make sure they understand what you do, and who you want to work with and ask them to recommend you to someone.

Inner Hub members tip: use the say my name strategy in the member's hub.

#6: Build relationships with complementary freelancers

Think about all the other services your dream client might need. For example, copywriters, graphic designers, google ads managers etc. By building relationships with those people, you can turn them into super-referrers. This is a longer-term strategy, but if you've already done the work, then it's time to reach out to them and ask if they have any contacts looking for whatever services you offer.

Inner Hub members tip: use the superhero strategy in the member's hub.

#7: Turn on group notifications.

Being in the right Facebook groups and other online communities is a great way to attract new clients. While you're actively looking for clients, turn on notifications and be hyper-responsive and helpful to people there. You'll start to stand out and can attract great clients, and referrals, that way.

#8: Email your list!

If you're reading this and thinking, ‘I don't have an email list', please take this as your direct command to start your email list ASAP! You're gonna need it in the future!

If your list is already warm and loving your content, they're likely to respond well to a direct promotion of your services. And even if they don't need you right now, you never know who they know. So be sure to ask them to forward your email!

#9: Plan a launch promotion

This is a great way to bring in some quick cash to fill in your lost revenue while you are actively looking for a long-term client. Plan to sell your 1:1 or group offers, for example, digital products, audits, strategies or training using a launch strategy to make the product or service a truly irresistible offer.

Pro Tip: Use the launch strategy training in social prf to get this done with ease.

#10: Repeat these steps

Repeat steps 1-9 until you have onboarded a new long-term client. And then reduce the risk of it happening again by making steps 1, 8 and 9 part of your ongoing workflow.

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