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5 things your dream client needs to know about you

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When it comes to attracting your dream client, you’ve got to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

A savvy business owner will do their research and, as well as finding a social media manager who suits their budget, they’ll need to feel confident you can do the job well.

In this blog we’ll cover the five things prospective clients will want to know about you, and how you can share the information they need without being sleazy or salesy. 

#1 How you’ll make their life easier

Your potential client has a problem. One that’s so big and causing them so much pain they’re actively looking for someone to help them solve it. 

If you’re that person, it’s down to you to show them what you can do and why you’re the right fit for the job.

Either through the content you’re posting, the training you're providing or the packages you’re offering, your prospect needs to feel reassured that you understand their problem and can take it away.

Make sure your social media posts explain the benefits of working with you. Let people know how working with you will save them time or money, or remove a whole heap of stress from their shoulders. 

Paint a picture of how life will look when they work with you, i.e. they'll spend more time with their family and less time on their phone.

#2 Whether you’re qualified for the job

Naturally, a potential client will want to know you have the knowledge and skills to help them achieve their social media goals.

Here are a few of the ways you can do that:

  • Post about the training and qualifications you’ve completed
  • Share your previous clients’ success stories through case studies  
  • Write regular blogs demonstrating your knowledge
  • Include reviews and testimonials across your socials

But, the number one way you can show people what you can do is to be brilliant on your own socials. In other words you need to walk the talk!

Create content that resonates with your ideal customers, that solves their problems and answers their questions.

#3 How much your service costs

It’s understandable that business owners will want to know how much they’ll need to pay you to look after their social media accounts. They have budgets to manage just like the rest of us.

The problem is, every business is different which is why we don’t recommend promoting flat fees. 

Each business comes with a different set of goals and objectives and you’ll need to factor this into your quote.

A safe place to start is to publish ‘Starting from’ prices on your website and socials. This gives prospective clients a ballpark figure and weeds out people who can’t afford you.

A blog explaining all the things that make your fee higher or lower will also be useful to prospective clients. You can promote it on your platforms.

#4 Will working with you be easy for them

Most people have no idea how much work goes into successfully managing and growing a social media account. 

Some clients won’t understand that you’ll still need their input while others will struggle to let go, and will want to micromanage your every move (warning – this person is not your dream client.)

So, it’s important that you’re honest with new clients and explain what you will – and won’t – need from them to achieve their goals.

It’s a great idea to have a blog on your website explaining how you work. Will clients be expected to supply you with pictures or will you take them yourself? Do you like to have weekly or monthly content planning call with clients, or are you happy to go it alone?

#5 Can you guarantee results? 

When you pay for a service you want to know you’ll get results, right?

Well, your new or prospective client is no different.

Of course, we all know there are no guarantees when it comes to social media but your client will still need reassuring that the investment is worth it.

Instead of promising unrealistic outcomes, be clear with your client about what’s possible.

Let them know that you’ll provide them with top-line weekly updates (if that’s something they’d like) and a more detailed monthly report.

By keeping on top of the analytics, and showing them what’s working well, they will feel confident that things are going in the right direction.


Having a professional customer journey in place will help you win the hearts and minds of prospective clients. You’ll find everything you need to attract and onboard more clients in our Dream Customer Journey Workshop.

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