How Angela launched her social media biz faster than expected

Angela launched her business 3 x faster thanks to the Social Media Managers Toolkit

‘You can’t put a price on the time it saves’

Angela Pounder is the founder of Clydeside Social. She offers social media management, training, and platform auditing services to small and medium-sized businesses in Scotland.

THE CHALLENGE: Lack of resources held Angela back

When Angela completed an online social media management training course in May 2019, she’d expected it to contain all the materials she needed to launch her business and enjoy the flexible working life she’d always dreamed of.  

‘I thought I’d finish the course and be ready to go and get clients,’ says Angela. ‘But that wasn’t the reality.’

‘During the course, I’d made a list of everything I needed – things like an audit template and a strategy template. But alongside working, looking after the kids and trying to start a business, it would have taken me at least three months to create absolutely everything. If I’d had to do it myself, I don’t think I would have ever got off the ground.’

THE SOLUTION: Ready-made templates and business support 

Having joined The Social Media Managers Hub Facebook Group, Angela was delighted to hear about The Social Media Managers Hub Toolkit – a complete package of customisable templates and practical advice to help social media managers propel their business to the next level. 

For Angela, the decision to buy it was a no-brainer. ‘The Toolkit gave me everything I felt I was missing,’ she says. ‘It meant that the very next day I could say “Yes, I can do an audit for you,” knowing that I had a template that made me look like a professional business.’

As well as using the strategy template to wow a major new client, Angela offered free platform audits to local businesses and landed herself some stunning testimonials and vital social proof.  

She also leaned on the invaluable support of The Social Media Managers Hub Facebook group. ‘People are so generous with their time,’ says Angela, ‘and the Lauras are always super helpful. There’s nothing I can’t ask.

‘Without the Toolkit and Facebook group, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go for the job with my main client. I just wouldn’t have put myself in the conversation.’

Angela now uses the Social Media Managers Toolkit’s analytics template to produce weekly reports for her clients. ‘I’m not very good at spreadsheets but I found this template really helpful,’ she says. ‘It keeps tracking simple and consistent. It saves me time and has made me more efficient.’

THE RESULTS: 3 months saved!

Angela was able to cut the time it took her to launch her business by three months. She is now able to quickly and easily produce professional-looking client documents and saves hours each week using the Toolkit’s reporting template.

Thanks to The Social Media Managers Toolkit, Angela is able to position herself as an expert and run a successful business that fits around her family.

Get Social Media Managers Toolkit here

You can’t put a price on how valuable the Toolkit is. If you are just starting out and haven’t got it, you’re three months away from really getting going. You will make back the cost of the Toolkit in the time it saves you having to create everything yourself. 

‘Everything you need is there – you can go and pitch to clients tomorrow.’ 

Angela Pounder

Clydeside Social