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This blog may contain affiliate links.

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... even with a small audience
… before creating a portfolio 
… and without a single testimonial!

Searchie might be one of the best tools available to social media managers!  In this digital world, you are responsible for so much content, including a mass of video or audio content (or both), that businesses have invested time and money in – and really want people to access.

But people are even more time-poor now than ever before and we should all be looking for ways to make it as quick and easy as possible for people to access free content and provide paid content in the most accessible format.

Searchie is the fastest way to manage, package and share video content so that a business and its customers get better results.

So if you or your clients use Live or pre-recorded video, podcasts or host coaching calls then you, as their social media manager, can become their hero by solving some massive problems for them (ones they might not realise they even have!)

There are so many ways in which Searchie can be used, most obviously to host courses and membership sites, but in this article, we’ll share some other clever ways social media managers can use Searchie to repurpose content and create a better experience for their audience and position themselves as an expert in social media marketing.

First off, a quick disclaimer: We are affiliates for Searchie – its founder, Stu McLaren is one of our business mentors.  But, to be clear, that does not affect what we share below in any way, we are big fans of Searchie and use it daily in our business. It does mean that if you purchase Searchie through our link we’ll get a small commission.

14 ways to use Searchie

  1. With Live Broadcasts
  2. With a podcast
  3. Upgrade power hours and coaching calls
  4. Monetise your DMs
  5. Additional options

Repurpose Live content with Searchie.

As a social media manager, we don’t need to sell you the benefits of Facebook Live broadcasts, and we are sure you’ll share the same frustrations we have with regard to the distribution of such valuable video content.

We also know it can be a struggle to persuade a client to use Live video so when they do, it’s disappointing that the unpredictable algorithm means you’ll rarely reach the number of viewers you need to.  And when new people discover the Facebook Page or Group there’s a low chance of them seeing a Live Broadcast from several months ago.

And it’s not surprising when you consider the number of distractions on the platform that rarely will someone watch a live broadcast (or any other video content) through to completion. But no social media manager wants good, strategic, video content to die a digital death after a few days or weeks.

This is where Searchie comes in, and allows you as a social media marketer to repurpose and increase the lifetime of that content.

Searchie integrates seamlessly with Facebook so that Live Broadcasts are automatically saved into a media library and then adds captions and creates a downloadable transcription and audio file – with no need for you, or your client to download, upload or even log in! (Yay for not having massive video files stored on your hard drive!)

Increase the lifetime of Live Broadcasts with Searchie

 #1 Create a back catalogue of Facebook Live videos 

This means you can offer a valuable resource to the audience which can be used as a lead generation tool – without too much additional work, and with very little tech skills.

STEP ONE: Create a Searchie Hub to use as a lead generation tool.

STEP TWO: Automate with folders so that all future Live Videos are automatically added to the Hub (via a playlist) for subscribers to access.

STEP THREE: Regularly share the link to the registration page as a Call To Action in your social media content and in all future live broadcasts so that the audience can sign up to access the Hub and automatically join the email list.

#2 Create a private podcast feed using Searchie.

Remove the distractions that stop people from completing the Facebook Live Broadcast and give them the option to dive into the content without having to set aside time to read or watch a video by providing an audio version in a private podcast.

Searchie makes it really simple to create a private podcast feed without the need for additional editing or software.

All you need is a Searchie Playlist, the Facebook integration and a podcast player that accepts Show URLs (eg. Apple Podcasts).

Once set up, all the Live Broadcasts can automatically be added to the podcast and you have another way to generate leads for your clients (who by now will think you are the best thing since sliced bread!)

Make an existing podcast more user friendly with Searchie

If you or your client has a podcast, you’ll already know how valuable it is as a form of content. And if you’re a podcast listener like us, you’ve probably picked up some great marketing tips from podcasts over the years.

But the podcast players make it really tricky to revisit old episodes to find that nugget or hack you heard months ago and need to listen to now so you can finally make it work for a client!

First, you have to remember which episode it was in, then you have to skip through to find the exact spot where the host talked about it – and really, who has time for that!

Now you can make this a much easier process and your client – and their listeners will love you for it!

Searchie syncs with Apple Podcasts to automatically add episodes to a media library when they are published. And when the episode is processed, Searchie will make it searchable for listeners and create a downloadable transcript without you even needing to log in!

#1 Create a searchable back catalogue

Create a playlist with all episodes from the back catalogue and use a Searchie automation to automatically add future episodes too.

Then add the link to the show notes and let listeners know they can search for keywords in all episodes. You can even make it fun by bookmarking key parts of your podcast with fun words your audience can search for. Give ours a try – click here and search for a keyword eg. Adele.

#2 Use Searchie analytics to inform your content

Searchie's analytics are a great tool to help you learn what your audience is searching for and you can use this data to inform your content strategy for both free and paid content – and to provide your client with ideas for future podcasts, courses and other content.

Upgrade your Power Hours & Nurture Packages 

This tip is one you can use to make more money in your own business, but if your clients offer coaching calls, this will work for them too.

Nowadays we are all using Zoom more than ever, and if you’re like us you might find it hard to remember all the information you’re given on a coaching call. So it’s important to make sure that your coaching calls and power hours provide the very best experience for your clients, even after the call has finished.

We often hear of business owners spending time (and money) on a Power Hour with a social media manager, and getting great ideas and strategies but failing to implement them because once the call finishes. Maybe they can’t remember the next steps or they don’t have time to revisit the recording to follow the directions they were given.

You can use Searchie to upgrade your Power Hours to not only help your clients get results but also make the experience last longer so they want to work with you again.

So few social media managers are doing this so you can not only offer a better overall service but also stand out from the crowd and charge a premium for this upgraded experience.

How to upgrade your Power Hours with Searchie


Integrate your Zoom account with Searchie, so that every time you finish a recorded Zoom call, the recording will automatically be processed in your media library.


Add chapters to the recording to highlight specific points your client should refer back to, or if you’re more organised, have a secret code word you say on the call so they can simply search for it to be taken to that exact spot in the replay.


Add any additional materials, checklists, workbooks or useful links to the media file.


Create a new section in a Searchie Hub and use Section Visibility to display the replay to your client(s).


Send the welcome email straight to your client via Searchie.


Track the analytics in Searchie and check in to see if they need additional help.

You can provide even more value and support to your 1:1 clients by adding additional playlists, videos or resources to the Hub for them to access.

And you can even use the Searchie Stripe integration to take payment for your Power Hours.

Monetise your DMs 

If you’re marketing your business on social media and sharing useful advice and tips (which all freelance social media pros should be doing) then it’s likely your inbox is full of questions from people wanting more help, and maybe specific advice for their own social media marketing.

And even if you do want to help more people and build a deeper relationship with them,  it can be time-consuming to answer them all.

But all those questions are providing you with a great opportunity to help that person, and many others too.

Searchie can help you turn all of those questions into a useful resource for your audience so you can provide them with the answers they need, and more and position yourself as the most knowledgeable and helpful expert out there.

And you can even monetise those answers!

How to create an “Answers Vault” with Searchie. 

Open the built-in Searchie recorder and create a short video with your helpful answer to the question. You can provide a screen recording of the exact steps if it’s relevant.


Create a Searchie Hub with registration enabled.


Set up a Searchie automation to add the recording to a playlist, so it automatically goes into your Searchie Hub.


Give the person in your DMs the link to your Searchie Hub so they can access the whole bank of answers and give them a keyword to find the information they need.

They’ll need to register to get the information so you’ll get their email address in return.

If you want to monetise this, then integrate Stripe at step two.

8 other ways you could use Searchie:

  1. To host a membership site, digital course, or any other digital product (the Social Media Managers Toolkit is hosted in Searchie!)
  2. To host an SOP hub for sharing best practices with your team.
  3. To create a sales page.
  4. As an opt-in for any other lead generating ideas you have for your content.
  5. To repurpose video content into blogs (just download and edit the transcription)
  6. To host a blog.
  7. To create a website
  8. To make all your video content searchable so you can easily find what you need without relying on remembering file names.


We use Searchie for our own courses and membership, and find it a far superior alternative to Kajabi or MemberPress, But as you’ve seen, it is far more than just a membership site hosting software. The way people are accessing video and audio content is changing and now is the perfect time to jump on the Searchie train before you and your clients get left behind.

Click here to take a trial with Searchie


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