5 Reasons to choose Searchie over Kajabi

by | May 28, 2021

There’s a new Kajabi alternative in town!

Whether you are looking for somewhere to host your digital product, course or membership site, Kajabi has always been one of the top contenders. But is it really the best?

This article will explain why we no longer use Kajabi and how Searchie is the better solution all around.

First off, a quick disclaimer: We are affiliates for Searchie – its founder, Stu McLaren is one of our business mentors.  But, to be clear, that does not affect what we share below in any way, we are big fans of Searchie and use it daily in our business. It does mean that if you purchase Searchie through our link we’ll get a small commission.

We no longer use Kajabi for our membership.

It was essential for us to have a professional hosting site for our digital course, online products, and growing membership.

So, following all the rave reviews about Kajabi, we moved everything to the platform from MemberPress in late 2020. But it didn’t work out, and six months later, we are no longer using Kajabi at all.

We have instead moved everything onto Searchie.io which we think is a far superior alternative option to Kajabi.

What is Searchie.io?

Searchie is a new way to deliver your digital course or membership. Created by our business mentor, Stu McLaren who also previously founded WishList Member, Searchie.io has everything an online business owner needs to host video, audio and written content. 

Searchie is the world’s first search engine for video content, and that feature alone creates an incredible user experience for your customers. There are so many reasons to use Searchie, even if you don't have a course or membership site.

5 Reasons we use Searchie for our course & membership site.


#1 Searchie is simple to use.

We are not web developers! We have minimal design skills and no interest in spending hours of valuable time making a membership site look good.

Having previously used MemberPress and Kajabi, we were impressed to find Searchie simple to use and easy to adapt. Even with our minimal tech skills, we created a beautiful membership site that functions just as well on mobile as it does on desktop.

And when you upload your video or audio content to Searchie.io, it automatically processes the audio to create a downloadable transcription, adds captions and makes the content searchable!


#2 Video Search

Seachie’s video search tool has dramatically improved the learning experience for our students and members.  They can easily search inside all our audio and video content to be taken to the exact spot they are looking for. 

This function has helped people quickly refer back to our group coaching calls, masterclasses, and other content to find the information they need without watching the whole video again.

This unique search function has added value to our courses and membership by making the learning experience easier and helping our customers to make faster progress.


#3 Searchie makes your content fully accessible

We believe that as business owners, it is our responsibility to ensure we do everything we can to make sure our content is accessible to everyone and caters for different learning styles.

Searchie automatically adds closed captions to all our video and audio content, making it accessible without sound. It also adds a downloadable transcription to allow people to read the content if they prefer.

And if your customers prefer to download the audio to listen in the car or while out walking, Searchie makes that possible too by automatically creating a separate audio file and adding it to your video!




#4 Searchie Hubs

A Searchie Hub is a new way to build a private course or membership site inside Searchie using the video and audio content you have already uploaded.

The speed at which you can build a course or secure member’s area in a Searchie Hub is one of the main reasons we switched to Searchie from Kajabi.

Whereas Kajabi was clunky and required a lot of tech know-how to make your course or membership look good and function well for your customer. In Searchie, you can quickly pull in previously created playlists to create a slick course in a matter of minutes.



Would you believe it if we told you that it’s entirely possible to build a course in Searchie in less than 20 minutes? Watch this video to find out how!



Searchie Hubs are simple to build by adding different ‘sections’ containing playlists, videos, text, images or attachments. 

A public Searchie Hub is the perfect solution when you don’t want to hide your content. Imagine creating a searchable library of your YouTube videos, for example, or a free mini-course.

You also have the flexibility to allow your content to be downloaded if you wish – or leave the download function turned off if you prefer.  

You can also create private Hubs that can only be accessed by the people you choose to show it to. Each section of a hub can be protected only to be shown to specific people in your audience too. So you can easily hide materials from people who don’t qualify for them.

#5 Video analytics.

With Searchie analytics built in, we can quickly see how many times our videos have been watched, where people are dropping off and discover the keywords people are searching for.

This valuable information has allowed us to create more relevant content for our members based on those keywords. We’ve also made informed changes to help users find the information they are looking for more easily.

Searchie.io analytics help us quickly view audience analytics to discover how our students are progressing through our course content, so we can check in with anyone who looks like they might be stuck.

That's just five reasons why we think Searchie is a better solution than Kajabi (or MemberPress), but there are many other reasons!

If you’d like to hear more about Searchie and whether it might be right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you!