How to increase your podcast listeners with a Searchie podcast hub

A Searchie podcast hub can make your podcast even more irresistible by making your content easy to consume and helping your podcast listeners return to past episodes to find content that's highly relevant to them.

The problem with podcasts is that, as a listener, you probably listen on the go, maybe in your car or while out walking. So if you hear some great advice you want to implement, you can't do it immediately and probably don't have a pen and paper to make a note. And then, when you do have time, you can't find the episode or the exact part of it where the host shared the tip.

As a listener, that's super annoying. And as a podcast host, it means you're missing a valuable opportunity to build deeper connections with your podcast listeners.

But there is a simple way to overcome this problem while also making the most of your existing podcast content. Searchie can help you make any video or audio content easier to consume.

You'll probably want to make all your content fully accessible, and Searchie can help automate a lot of that for you.

We love Searchie and use it for our membership, all our digital courses and, of course, our podcast. It's so simple to set up, and the built-in automations mean you won't spend unnecessary time managing your podcast.

Build a Searchie podcast hub in under 10 minutes

Using Searchie‘s automation features, you can add your podcast content to your hub, transcribe it, add captions and make it searchable automatically! No added work for you or your team!

A Searchie podcast hub allows your listeners to quickly search through all your past episodes for keywords to find the exact point in any episode that they want to listen to! You can even add memorable words or phrases to your episodes to make it easier to find that specific point of your podcast again in the future.

The Searchie transcription can also be downloaded and repurposed into other content, such as a blog, email or social media content!

You can see how this works in our podcast hub – use the search bar to search for any keyword, and you'll quickly see if we've talked about it in a previous episode!

It's so quick and simple to build a podcast hub and requires no tech knowledge at all with this awesome no-code tool. In fact, it's so quick you can watch us complete the whole process in under 10 minutes in this video!

Get a FREE trial with Searchie here.

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