Take a 30-day social media challenge

We're also talking about something that we do to really get to grips with how a platform works, discover what content works and how we can get better results there.

The best way to get to learn how a social media platform works is to go all-in and use it consistently. That's why were are BIG fans of a 30-day challenge.

Posting on a social media platform for 30 consecutive days allows you to quickly understand what your audience resonates with, spot trends and get to grips with a platform's features.

We've been pretty vocal in the past about our views on LinkedIn, but our latest 30-day challenge changed our minds – we're sharing all about it in episode 27!

We were wrong about LinkedIn!

In this episode, we are sharing what happens when you take a 30-day challenge and how to do it well:

Listen now to hear:

Why we hate(d) LinkedIn.

Whether Laura D has ever had a dick pic in her DMs

What actually happens when you post on LinkedIn every day?

Plus, get 4 tips to make it easier for you to try this (and why you should).

Access the template we use >> thetwolauras.com/inspo.

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