5 Reasons You Should Join The Inner Hub

The Inner Hub is a membership for freelance social media marketers from around the world. Unlike most memberships, this one is truly unique as it is only for social media pros – no other businesses allowed!

The membership is packed full of resources to help no matter your level of experience, knowledge or success. 

The Success Plan underpins everything within The Inner Hub and all members are encouraged to identify where they are on the plan, so they know exactly what they need to focus on to work towards wherever they want their business to go.

Because all our members are social media pros, it’s like walking into a room where everyone gets it. Everyone understands exactly what it’s like to be a freelance social media marketer – and they all support each other through all the highs and lows. 

There are a lot of wins in The Inner Hub, and every single one is celebrated to inspire others. But we also recognise that it’s not all rainbows and roses so we also support each through the rough times.

5 Reasons You Should Join The Inner Hub

#1 You want to grow your business.

If you are looking for support and accountability to get where you want to be The Inner Hub is the perfect place. You’ll not only get that support from us, The Lauras, but also from our 400+ members who all truly believe in community over competition and support each other every day.

Plus you’ll get a free listing on the Meet The Social Pro™️ directory so that clients can find you when they are looking to hire a pro.

#2 You want to stay on top of your game, and learn new skills too.

We bring in experts from around the world to help you level up your knowledge in all aspects of marketing. So you can grow your business, and use that new knowledge to help your clients too.

#3 You want to be seen as an expert.

Being a social media pro means you need to stay on top of all the changes in social media, but doing that takes time – we keep you updated on all the changes as they happen in our NEWSWIRE Telegram channel. So you can get to grips with them faster, and use the updates to position yourself as an expert on your own socials.

#4 You’d like to have a team around you.

Working as a freelancer can be lonely and it can be hard to get motivated. The Inner Hub is the answer to that.

Our Facebook group is open 24/7 and there’s always someone there to help when you get stuck.

Our Sounding Board calls give you a place to brainstorm and bounce ideas around with others who understand. And our accountability programme means you can work 1:1 with someone so you can both work towards your goals.

#5 You want to save money

The Inner Hub offers incredible value, your membership fee is fixed for life when you join and will never increase for as long as you remain a member. The monthly fee includes:

  • Monthly masterclasses 
  • Listing on the Meet The Social Pro directory
  • Access to the Newswire & Client Leads Wire
  • The Content Kit
  • The Ads Manager Toolkit
  • Other resources
  • Monthly sounding board calls
  • Success Plan
  • Facebook community

How do you make the most of all this great stuff?

Get involved – be active in the community, answer questions, ask questions. The Facebook group is a hive of activity and learning which you can dip into whenever you want. Social Media changes so often it’s invaluable listening to how others implement changes into their business and their client’s strategy.

Subscribe to our two telegram channels – one is the NEWSWIRE we mentioned earlier, and in the other we share leads from clients that have come direct to us looking to hire a social media pro.

Register on Meet The Social Pro directory – with over 500 new visitors to the directory each month and many members winning clients from it the directory is a no brainer for any social media professional.

Use the Success Plan. Take time to understand what your long term goals are and then use our Success Plan to establish where you are and how to reach those goals.

Join us live. All of our calls and masterclasses are recorded but we really encourage you to block out the time to show up live because so you get direct access to our experts and you can squeeze every last drop of value out of them!

Find out more and join the waiting list for The Inner Hub here